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 Image (76436) image uploaded on 23-02-13
Broadcast a day ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Course Announcements

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Tags: discussion, micro-teaching lesson plan, educational autobiography

Hello Everyone, Thank you for another terrific discussion this week! I’m really enjoying your conversation about the pros and cons about professionalizing a field such as adult education. I think you’re doing great job thinking through some of the complex issues around certification and creating a code of ethics and really who has the final say in what the overarching rules and policies of a field should be. In addition, I am appreciating your beginning posts about the extra chapters that you read last week during about the knowledge society, and about future movements in adult education. This week the discussion is terrific and it is one of our last discussions about theoretical issues related to adult education and historical issues related to adult education. From here were moving to the actual practice of adult education. At this point, you should be working on preparing your micro-teaching lesson plan. In the introduction course we try to touch on all aspects of the Adult Education program (that you’ll cover in much more detail in the other courses throughout the master’s degree program) including the actual teaching of adults. So you will have an opportunity to create a micro-teaching lesson plan and to teach that lesson to your peers during the final week of this course. Please as always feel free to post any questions or concerns about the assignment guidelines on the “Ask the Instructor” discussion board or you can email me questions directly through the send mail function on Blackboard. This week we have our final education autobiography personal journal entry due. We are wrapping up all of work on our educational autobiography and in doing so I’ve asked you to reflect back on all of you previous personal journal entries to really find out what you have learned about what it means to be an adult educator through this journaling process. I am really looking forward to reading your personal journals this week. As always they are due by the end of the day on Saturday. Right now, I am finishing up my office hours on Tuesday. I do have office hours on Wednesday as well from 8am to 12pm and I will have those same office hours throughout the rest of the semester. If those office hours don’t work for you please send me a note so we can find an alternative time to meet. Thanks again for all of your hard work everyone I look forward to the rest of our discussion it is open until 10pm on Wednesday. Have a great week!

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Broadcast 9 days ago
by Moriah's channel

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 Image (2122693) image uploaded on 05-04-14
Broadcast 18 days ago at Friedrichstadt, Dresden, Germany
by Midge's channel


Thank to everyone who listened and followed this blog. Watch out for more in the future Midge.

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 Image (107691) image uploaded on 28-08-13

DALWALLINU v TOODYAY - Unfortunately our live stream was inoperable today, so we have the four quarters only available via podcast. A hitch saw only the first six or seven minutes of play available. The complete second, third and final quarters will also be podcasted today.

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Broadcast 21 days ago
by Saritte's channel

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Questions 3 (ACTH) ,4 (pregnancy) intro info

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 Image (37989) image uploaded on 09-05-11
Broadcast about a month ago at Charleroi, Belgium
by Vinyl Burns Radio Show

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Tags: wellington, radio, breakfast

Wake up with Vinyl Burns, the easy way... Episode 10 playlist E10 Quiet Storm - Smokey Robinson I'm coming out - Dianna Ross Uncle Ace - Blood Orange Naked Beat - Otaki Airforce & Vinyl Burns I wanna be your lover - Dimitri from Paris edit Stand Back - Stevie Nicks (Final DJ's Remix) Straight Life - Noisy Freaks

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Broadcast about a month ago
by Luigi's channel

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 Image (1670326) image uploaded on 25-02-14
Broadcast about a month ago
by Cheap Seats Boxing Show

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Angelo and JP finally have a show that covers actual fights with this weekends full lineup headlined by the rematch of Chavez Jr vs Brian Vera and Ricky Burns vs Terrance Crawford. Also a look at Vasyl Lomanchenko vs Orlando Solido and Anthony Joshuas return to the ring. Also they talk Miguel Vazquez and Zou Shimings wins last weekend and the Floyd announcement of Marcos Maidana as his next opponent.

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Intervals - phlog (17697) image uploaded on 07-Apr-10
Broadcast 2 months ago at Oxford, MA, USA
by Intervals

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I’m losing weight and feeling much better. It’s a bit of an introspective episode this time; trying (as best I can, which means “hardly”) to answer the question “WHY NOW?” Why have I decided to REALLY get healthier now? The answer isn’t a big secret. I guess I finally “give a crap”.

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