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 Image (34806) image uploaded on 22-03-12
Broadcast about a year ago at 5, AR, USA
by Sean Dalton at Heritage Media

Tags: google search, heritage west, feature role

Alright cool. So I'm just gonna again I'm gonna introduce myself and introduce you and then we'll just start talking about Mark. Ok or. Ok sure. Alright. Hello this is Sean Dalton Heritage Media Entertainment and Political reporter for Heritage West and this is Mark Rodamaker(?) the actor playing Mr Roscoe a prolific artist who is the subject of performance networks upcoming feature role. So Mark tell me a little bit about a little bit about your character about Mr Roscoe. I've done a little research online and actually one of the most striking things that that sort of stuck out to me was if you do a Google search of Mark Roscoe it brings up basically all of his work and it sorta.

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