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Mrs. Haston's Podcast - phlog (21489) image uploaded on 19-Mar-10

Good morning students and staff of Big girl(?) Elementary School. Today is Tuesday April 26th 2011. Happy Birthday today to Darren Macers(?). Peace(?) Fall(?) winners for today are Quinn from room 14 and Cheyenne from room 1. Please make sure you stop by the office sometime today. Your books will be sold for the next 2 weeks at parent pick up on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost is $25 and you can view a copy during those times. Don't miss out because they're only 30 copies left. Today and tomorrow we will be having enrichment switch. If you are in Ms McPherson's(?) enrichment switch class please make sure that you have your recipe with you. When you're outside if you wouldn't mind taking a look and if you see trash and garbage out there that's all over the ground. If you wouldn't mind picking it up and put it in the trash can that would be very very helpful. Teachers if you get some time this week it would be very helpful if you could take your class out for about 10 minutes or so and just do a class pick up.

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