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 Image (107076) image uploaded on 23-08-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Perry, IL, USA
by Believers for Christ

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Tags: Spirit, Soul, And Body - Jesus Christ

This teaching is a foundational truth that is essential for understanding how much God loves you and believing what He says about you in His Word. Each person is made up of three different parts: spirit, soul, and body. Learn how these three parts relate to God and to each other. At salvation your spirit is totally changed, but your soul and body is not yet redeemed. This series will teach you how to release the life that is already in your spirit, into your physical body and emotions. http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1027

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I believe in children I believe in their curiosity their resourcefulness their tenaciousness(?) and their non stop energy. I believe they hear more than we realise see things we miss form opinions without us and feel the emotions and judgments we try to hide because I believe in children I believe in teaching I have believe in hands on bell to bell reading and writing Math and Science History Civics(?) and Geography teaching until you drop and wishing for just 30 more instructional minutes because I believe in children I believe in learning I believe every child that walks into my room can learn and will learn I believe that neither ___

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Broadcast 11 months ago at Clarksville, IN, USA
by Justin's channel

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Tags: blunder, purse, emotions

This expressly communicates my intentions, motives, and desires.

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Broadcast 11 months ago at Steele Creek, Charlotte, NC, USA
by Brenda's channel

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Tags: road to happiness, broken wings, sad place

Everyday is just a struggle. ___ same burned out like used firewood. Crying has been more natural to me than laughter. Everyone at some point get showers of errors but ___ the target on my heart seems so much bigger. Happiness is just a few steps away but I raise each step a little higher. Do I deserve to be happy. I was falling so deep. I cannot hold my heart and I seem to lose my world. Emotions run back and forth inside the happy. But I'm in slow pace and cannot keep up in the sadness that have made my home. Man but you in. No. Let me get you out. Hold on to me I won't let you fall. I will take you to a place where you'll be safe. Your suffering will be ceased. ___ is keeping you from your road to happiness. Narrow your path and before you know it you'll be as close as you've ever been. I'll mend your broken wings. No longer will you be trapped in this stiff sad place you've called your home. Do you deserve to be happy. That's not the question.

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Broadcast 11 months ago
by Casey's channel

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Tags: vanderbilt, casey, emotions

The poem Life by Casey Vanderbilt. Some days just seem to go by so fast and the other feel like they drank(?) on forever. Is this how life is always going to be. Sometimes I am so happy I feel like I can fly and other times I feel like I won't be happy again. Wonder why I get to be just happy. Sometimes my life seems so clear. I know who I am why have been and who I want to be and then all of a sudden I lost. Will I always feel this way when will all of my questions be answered. Some days I have so many emotions going on at the same time but then other days I just feel numb and ___

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I have now approach the end of the beginning the end of my student teaching experiences. Beginning of the life that will be gratify(?) in self fulfillment. It's endeavor that I vote in to speak of is the world of teaching. Before coming into the teaching industry there were many difference emotions that I had about teachers and the entire educational system. It was not until I would accepted into my program of study and into the program for quite sometime before around was changed. As a student teacher I have gained more respectful teachers and all of their responsibilities. There are overwhelming responsibilities obtained by the teachers that the rest of them cannot even begin to have them nor would they dare I now fully understand that if I dare to teach because of my students I have ___

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 Image (278726) image uploaded on 16-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Lee's Summit, MO, USA
by Joleen's channel

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Tags: inspiration, awareness, ending suffering

When we are overcome with emotions and feelings that cause us suffering, these feelings block our "sun: and make it quite difficult for us to process and heal from these feelings quickly. But we can turn these shadow feelings into light and transparent healing energy, using some simple processes.

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My stomach is fat my arms aren't toned. My legs aren't as muscular as they once were. When I look at myself I always pick out the negatives and the things I don't like. People will complement me and then in my head I will think the opposite. I am one of those people who sees myself differently than everyone around me. Cos you know me best let's say I have low self esteem. I tried to work on this but find it hard to reverse the negative thoughts I have dealt with for years. Over the years my physical appearance has changed often receiving compliments from others but my mental state has not. It often drive those closest to me crazy because they can't understand why I see myself the way I do. I believe no one should have to deal with negative feelings about themselves and weigh on my emotions regularly. I believe no one should have to live this way. Not only do I have a weak placed on myself but others also bear that weak and feel they're walking on egg shells around me and aren't sure what to say or not to say.

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This phone cast is talking about emotions affecting artist subject matter. Often artist subject matter is determined by things that have happened to them and artist Pablo Picasso was no different in that he too is greatly affected by his emotions and have created artwork when he was sad and is now referred to, that period is now referred to as his new period. Maybe when he was happier in life, the art(?) man(?) time was Pablo Picasso's(?) lowest period. Picasso's(?) blue period began in the morning of the loss of his friend prior to his friend's death Picasso's(?) pallet or chosen colors were colorful reflecting the life he and his friend had been leading. His blue period paintings focus on the sadder aspects of people in the world. Picasso said when he realized that Casagamas(?) was dead he started to paint in blue. The subjects Picasso painted became bleek(?) and ___

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 Image (14668) image uploaded on 25-03-13

Hello good evening, it's Dean here. I'm doing a bit of a solemn and sad podcast(?) because I think I'm an emotional state that I need to just talk some words this podcast(?) is I haven't done a podcast(?) in ages but this one is about the value of friendship and I know that it could be the cliche(?) on what I'm about to say but I do think that it needs to be said was with emotions that quite roll. I have some news about 2 hours ago that kind of made me feel little bit sad. A very old friend of mine from years and years and years ago and I'm talking 15 years back tragicly(?) passed away as I suspected overdose yesterday. I only found out today

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