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Broadcast 2 years ago at 932 E Pontiac Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85024, USA
by Jillian's channel

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Tags: educational puzzle, student portfolios, drawning

Hi, I'm Jillian and in this podcast I want to share a way for teachers to stop drowning in paperwork and create a more efficient and effective place to store student work. Technology, and more specifically, Web 2.0 Tools are being integrated more and more into classrooms. Students are coming to school as mini technology experts already. So giving them this medium to learn and collaborate with is extremely effective and set a sign for them. Having a place to collect products in display with a ___ is an essential piece of the educational puzzle. Online student portfolios are helpful for teachers, students and parents. Not to mention if we are expecting them to use this tech tool, we should show them we are using them to. Online portfolios can be used to record student goals, results, reflections and pieces of work that students have created. Having these artifacts online makes it easy for the portfolio to travel with them year to year and for teachers to view progress and access student work quicker. Parents are also able to see their students progress more free

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