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 Image (2144118) image uploaded on 07-04-14
Broadcast 11 days ago at College Downs, Charlotte, NC, USA
by Ms.Boysko's channel

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I'm reading aloud my favorite part of Drizzle and told why it's my favorite part.

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 Image (72120) image uploaded on 18-01-13
Broadcast 10 months ago at Central Business District, Houston, TX, USA
by 2013 English Senior Women's Amateur Stroke Play Championship

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Tags: drizzling rain, front runners, championship trophy

Good morning this is Lindsey Houston reporting from ___ in Sundown on the ___. We play setting underway in the final round of the English Senior women's ___ championship. The conditions are remarked contrast to yesterday's warm Sunny Day instead we've got gray misty weather with the fine drizzling rain ___. The final ___ and the big question is will it be one horse race. The championship leaders ___ five shot clear replaces rival. The British senior champion Catherine Russell will be doing her best to capture. It should be fascinating to see how everything unfold. There's a four shot gap between the two two front runners and the rest of the field but there's a great deal more than just a championship trophy at stake today.

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Clearwater, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: giant traffic, rain storm, o clock

Alright well, this is just Norm. It is Thursday, Thursday eve six o'clock. I was rolling down the highway trying to loosen my load no I'm just kidding I was coming home from work actually putting a few last thoughts on some voice notes to get a pod cast out I was thinking about going for a run today was a scheduled run for me and lonely ___ into a giant traffic jam with rain storm. Well that's not a good combination for running I don't know if anybody who would enjoy that and I certainly was about to go home and just say oh I'm not gonna run it's too nasty out but you know what it was just a drizzle and it was ___

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 Image (47677) image uploaded on 04-04-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Ville-Marie, Montreal, QC, Canada
by Globalhawk's channel

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Tags: narrative, little bit, montreal

Hi from Montreal and it's gray, drab and drizzly so it sounds like a fine day to be writing the narrative of the Black ___ so that's what I'm gonna do and if I can I'll go up to the town for a little bit later on and then a late departure tonight for London ___ just a quick update. Bye bye.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

One dark stormy night. I was in the kitchen as I finish cleaning up the dishes I watch the rain drizzle down the outside of the window. They called me to be droopy and sleepy. I really wanted to go to bed. I walked into my room lay down and talk to myself about the ___ my day. I ___ of this week. The next morning I woke up and I've got all wind up. Yeah still look ___ everywhere. My angry(?) shut it quickly and no ___ and I walked up. As I open the door Eggy(?) also rolling down my door handle. My door handle is reek(?) of the edge now. Regardless of additional ___ I needed it wasn't gonna turn ___ the evil person who destroyed my beautiful home. The toilet paper and that. Whoever did it with ___ swimming my door shut. The man inside(?) getting out of hand. I was yelling yelling at the top of my lungs. I could fill in.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hi my name is Louie Driz(?) and I go to the British International Gurieta(?) and at the moment I'm in Oman taking far end of Math. The outward runs out outward are the Montra(?) course so I can complete my event should part of the Goldix(?) International Award. Basically we arrived on Wednesday. Today we're gonna actually start working until Thursday. It was really difficult because none of us were actually prepare to work over Waddies(?) and over boulders and underneath etc so under rocks and so ___ really hot and emotions are running high and the second part have is so it's just ring a lot. We have to curve out the logging which is kinda difficult because the rock already slips in everything. The next day we all woke up late and again we walked through Waddies(?) and most of us were tired and again emotions are running high.

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 Image (36082) image uploaded on 20-04-11

So to join me by the river of Green House Hotel. It's been a rough day to be honest. It was started off pretty pleasant, got the train back to Spin Bridge to get back on the route followed that along the road for a bit. It's actually quite pleasant at that point bird song no drizzle or anything like that then ended up into the hills on the sun posted drove track ___ and that led me to my first coffee of the day. That's about 11:00. Had a nice break there filled in with coffee book and you could see it on my way now. I'm supposed to go up and over quite high pass most immediately after but at this point the weather descended and it all go a bit wet and a bit unpleasant to be to be honest. The ground was pretty saturate.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at Nottingham, Nottingham, UK, GB
by EGU McGregor Trophy 2010

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Tags: golf, english golf union, amateur

David Hamilton reports from the McGregor Trophy being played at Prince's Golf Club

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Intervals - phlog (17697) image uploaded on 07-Apr-10

___. An interval to think about it. I'm Steve Runner. How's it going? Fellow runners. It's Steve Runner on a Saturday. Kind of a drizzly(?) cool day here in New England. 42 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature. And I just wanted to take a few moments to kinda reflect back on my journey to the ___ and what it means to me. And also just kind of state some obvious truth, ok. So, I am a very lucky guy and I have this.

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Mr Caulkhead's Isle of Wight colloquialisms - phlog (169) image uploaded on 26-Jun-09
Broadcast 4 years ago at Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, GB
by Mr Caulkhead's Isle of Wight colloquialisms

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Tags: Isle of Wight, dialect, colloquialism

Today's word is slammakin. Mollie's Lovely Lemon Drizzle cake proves a tad too zesty for the ladies!

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