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Broadcast 2 years ago at C 6, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
by Amnesty International Canada

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Tags: human rights crisis, vicious cycles, dignitaries

We have just began a two week research lesson in ___ International 3rd this year. We've come because we are concerned that the world may quickly forget that this country which clams(?) once again in to a regards human rights crisis in late 2010 continuous to face daunting(?) human rights problem, fighting between forces and militia's loyal to the compending(?) President candidates lead on back ___ when I left on what kind had love to subside it after 6 deadly months several thousand people died mainly civilians caught up in the country's vicious cycles of violence and revenge. President Wakata Internationally(?) recognized as the winner of last years election has taken up his new office and dignitaries(?) from around the world came to the inauguration on May 21st. Meanwhile former President Loram(?) Bacboo(?)

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Observations on Latvian Hockey and Poets - Olympic Outsider #17 - phlogcast (19169) image 1 uploaded on 03-Mar-10
Broadcast 4 years ago at V6B 2K3, BC, Canada, CA
by Olympic Outsider

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Tags: provo utah, soviet team, latvians

From the Latvia vs Slovakia Men's Ice Hockey game at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Dave points out the passion of Latvian hockey fans and anecdotes about flags, dissident poets, king's rings and visting dignitaries during the intermission of a sadly lopsided game.

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