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 Image (28680) image uploaded on 19-07-13
Broadcast 2 years ago at F R 58, Humboldt, AZ, USA
by John Henry's Phone Blog

Tags: congress time, nick walsh, time station

Hello this is the latest report on Nick Walsh he is riding fantastic since he got up at the hotel all rested and refresh he has been on the bike continuously for 2 and a half hours we have passed through train station 5 at 2106 Ram(?) Randheim(?) or 6:06 local time here on the West Coast he's doing quite well. The temperature is no longer considered hot in Arizona in terms because it has dropped down to 99 degrees to have a hot temperature in Arizona it must the temperature must have at least 3 digits in the reading so life is good. He has a strong tail way tail win(?) and we are on the way to the congress time station and we're looking forward to meeting the bull shifters(?) thanks much and know that we are having fun.

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