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 Image (85005) image uploaded on 25-09-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Lexington, SC, USA
by Therapeutic Life Coaching

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Tags: love, faces, hiding

The topic of our last talk was, " Who Am I?" Today, we will talk about the faces of the " Real You." Our next talk, I will share definite steps we must take to become more authentic and real. Please continue to listen to our broadcasts. God Bless you! Dr. David Watkins

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 Image (71685) image uploaded on 22-07-13
Broadcast 7 months ago
by Grace City Church

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Tags: god

Jonah Chapter 4. Jonah’s Anger and the Lord’s Compassion | Swallowed by God Series

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 9 months ago at Downtown, Seattle, WA, USA
by Taqwacore Journal Channel

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Tags: allah, resistance, fashion

Day 2 of Ramadan and the Taqwacore reading of Ibn Arabi's Whoso Knoweth himself. There is no union in a singularity, not near or far, just Oneness, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Aa's channel

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Tags: brokovich, arron, julia roberts

Right hi it's Arron(?) Bailey and I am interviewing my mother on the women and film. Alright so what is your favorite female movie protagonist what movies she in and explain a little bit why she's your favorite. I absolutely love Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovich(?) I found her character was full of life and classiness(?) and a sense of when you do something really important and do it well even though she may not have been equip a lot of education or just mostly street smart while still being compassionate and checking others. Alright now this film Erin Brokovich(?) do you feel that she is portrayed well and like ___.

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 Image (293135) image uploaded on 24-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Lee's Summit, MO, USA
by Joleen's channel

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Tags: kindness, giving, compassion

Think about what things would be like if we paid for everything with an act of kindness or compassion. If you think about it deeply, it's pretty mind boggling...... so why not try it for awhile.

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 Image (42525) image uploaded on 29-12-11

Hi this is Randall. From time to time in my classes. I often talk about relationships and families and marriage in this type of topics that are often interesting to students; however, one of the things that students often focus on an external beauty versus the beauty that can be found within, and one of the listening activities on my website is called "Running Shoes," and in the conversation, it talks about man that triesto impress a woman by saying more than he could do. In other words, he was trying to impress her saying that he could run a lot more than he did; however, long lasting relationships are formed on honestly and love. From passion to compassion, and you think more about the other person more than yourself. Give my "Running Shoes" listening activity a try.

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 Image (208520) image uploaded on 14-11-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Newport Beach, CA, USA
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Alan Parisse, I Carry The Bag, Wholesaler Masterminds

Rising from garbage collector to Wall Street executive, Alan Parisse combines insight and wit to deliver powerful and useful messages to audiences around the world. The first speaker to come out of the investment business to be inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame, Alan’s ideas have been quoted in numerous business publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Barron’s. He has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford Business School, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Business, UCLA Graduate School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. Additionally, for over 20 years, Alan has been helping presenters reach their potential by coaching with compassion, candor, and the clear intention to bring out the best in each individual. He has worked with executives and managers, sports stars, financial advisors, wholesalers, sales professionals, medical doctors, educators, clergy and others. Combining decades of experience with cutting edge ideas for new and better ways to deliver messages and get results, Alan’s speaking workshops have been proven winners for his clients.

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As a teacher we are to be facilitators we should provide an environment conducive to learning. Being understanding and compassionate and encourage the teacher student and parental future teacher relationship. An ideal environment begins with the teacher as a role model for their students they should demonstrate respect honesty empathy responsibility as well as provide motivation to learn. The classroom should be a safe place for students feel comfortable to express themselves and get involved in learning activity. The activities themselves should stimulate the students be interactive and hands on and promote participation while providing insights to the lesson at hand along with being a facilitator a teacher needs to be a mentor ___ compassion and understanding a teacher can gain a trust of each student and make ___ value. Every student should be treated as an individual and be ___

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 Image (49458) image uploaded on 30-04-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Denali 2012

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Tags: phone reception, thousand feet, jared

Hey everybody, this is Brian calling in from 14 thousand feet on Demolly(?) we've been spending a couple of days here. Nina and Jerry went out by yesterday. Jared was not feeling it and there was actually a incident that you needed to help out with but you know and the rangers are loving her right now and for her strength and you know compassion and so yeah we're just hanging out here we came back down with Jared and Jared was looking to head home. So John were here and also we'll have to put join us and the next day or so he sooner the base camp on the 18th and so we're trying to communicate with him in directly as we don't have direct phone reception right. We're lucky we have that up here. But I just wanna let me and Soto shout out to as you got some flowers out there. So here's Nina. Hey Nina here thank you cos you check by Brian. He is ok. I hope so I'll send some good news.

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