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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Northwest Tampa, Tampa, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: inner demons, infirmed, emotional roller

Ok ok good day my friends. Jess Norm. It is five forty nine AM and I am on my way to the house of pain house of blues the location of the infirmed(?) the dwelling of emotional roller coasterism(?) which surely is not a word. Yes in other words I'm going to work. Couple of things I wanted to talk about this morning. I wanted I've been wanting to put out like a water break on this every everyday sometimes twice a day this week. Just cos a lot of things have been feeling and going through mostly the inner demons the battles in my own mind but I've been up this morning since about.

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Hi Cornelius, I wanted to compliment you, thing the correct heading for your paragraph. The only thing is the comma actually goes after the number twenty instead of between the month and the date also modern language association who makes our guidelines sticky(?) they don't want any extra spaces between the heading and the paragraph. Ok regarding the paragraph I certainly see why you chose to write about six flags(?) especially since one of the model paragraph was about writing a roller coaster. I recommend that you go back and re read that sample paragraph because it wasn't simply about you know hey this is the roller you know this is a roller coaster and this is main feature here's another roller coaster and it's main feature. It was more about one moment on writing the roller coaster in that that moment just be the or there's few moments.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Adam's channel

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Tags: cliff hanger, place hands, style point

Hello Alfredo(?), it's me. I'm coming ___ your 4th and final pot off my personal inquire she also the final pot I'm just going to take you to the stunt and all is going the high connects Keith brilliant name. So if like you call message the main stunt cos they're quite issues. The first one is a chem can which in take 1ft off the foot peg and bring it over the sit but those guys like on side of the bag for an additional style point land for Ken Ken in that position. Next this is quite a and quote as one it's called the Cliff Hanger. While in the air stand straight up and catch the underside of the handle bars with the toe place hands above the roller ___ above in the roller coaster position. Next the ___.

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Sarah Outen - channel image uploaded on 21-Feb-11
Broadcast about a year ago
by Sarah Outen

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Tags: sea anchor, roller coaster, nautical miles

Hello this is Sarah and Gulliver calling in from the Pacific Ocean. Currently 207 nautical miles into our journey and part way through day five so all of that feels like a triumph. I'm currently on this sea anchor again because the winds are pretty rough and trying to blow me off course again. So happily the sea anchor is locked in to the kuroshio current and we're whizzing along east. Albeit a little bouncy it's a little bit like being in a roller coaster it's ___, getting thrown around but it's mostly the safest place to be when it's like that. I have a little of routine though that every hour or earlier if I need to I do go outside and check what's going on and get some fresh air cos as you can imagine the condensation builds up pretty quickly inside here.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at North Park, San Diego, CA, USA
by Raelynn's channel

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This is a podcast describing a recent project-based learning activity that I did with my 6th grade class.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by paul's phlog

Tags: learning workshop, coaster, hearts


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Ed(?) this is Daisy(?) ___. I'm gonna talk a little bit about ___ and in the seminar been a work(?) and until I go to Benitor(?) with my father in the ___ and a best friend to Alice. We will go to you know roller coasters the water slides and everything it will be ___ and after that we after I come home we start working ___ Alice(?) and we been makes a lot of money after that and when school starts I want to be out there when it's ___. Thank you for listening that's all for now goodbye.

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Mrs. DeAngelis' phlog - phlog (35565) image uploaded on 07-Mar-11

Roller coaster by Milo Fragi(?). Read by Mrs Hoffman. All of these people are waiting in line for the roller coaster. The roller coaster is very big and very noisy. You must be tall enough to ride it but sometimes even though if you were tall enough decide they don't want to. Lots of people change their mind about riding the roller coaster at the very last minute. Finally, it is time to get into the cars. The ride operator says load them up due to a seat. When everyone is buckled in the operator rings the bell and then he releases the break. The train turns forward on the tracks

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at B846, Perth and Kinross PH16 5, UK
by anne's phlog

Tags: capital of scotland, pronunciation, coaster

Hi Esna, this is Anne. Thank you for sending me your phone cast and as you spoke it gone better and better and so I think your pronunciation is definitely improving just a couple of things. The first thing is the difference between E and I(?) if you're saying is Edember(?) is you can say iz(?) you say is is. So Edember(?) is the capital of Scotland not east so you maybe show you in the class the difference between E and EE in terms of your mouth. You said easter(?) coaster

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