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Hi I'm Austin here interviewing my mom Gina and I'm going to ask her some questions about women being the take lead in the film industry. Oh to start of mom can you tell me a time when you are upset or angered(?) with how a woman character was portrayed or treated in a movie. Yes. I'm the movie is Disclosure and where the main actress is in the movie is Demy Moore and she is portrait as an extremely powerful woman up in movie she is very under mining(?) and the ___ and she is a cross sexuality many times she tried to succeed in the business world or

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago at Brownsville, TX, USA
by Julio's channel

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Tags: brownsville texas, awesome application, cesar martinez

Hi everybody, this is Julio Cesar Martinez on Brownsville Texas and I love you iPadio it's an awesome application and I believe more and more people should use it especially teachers and the business world.

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The down to the economy a few years back hit everyone really hard. The main thing that people simply depressed. Many people lost their jobs and source of income when this happened and when this happens it easy for people to lose their soft work is become a quest(?). Those who do not lose their jobs are asking to make up to take up responsibility and task of those that were fired in addition to pay cost(?). The area to fired or or you're doing more work for less money. With all these pressures on people it's easy to see how is the pressure in overlap in to the life(?) of the church. The church bath(?) is not use any hardship it is less money out there in general and even less money coming in is often. We simply cannot pay the staff when we had in paying them. You can't make an apple pie without an apple and you can't pay someone without a money. It's simple logic however unlike the business world that.

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Hello my name is Howard Jones. They call me Mr Jones. This is the class Computer Concepts 202. In this class you will learn all the basic computer skills in order to operate a computer and you will also be able to use those computer skills to find a future computer job or business job in the, in the business world. In this class you will learn how to use the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, the computer tower. You also learn how to use the outlets on the computer tower and also learn how to use the internet. In this class I know we will have a good time because before you leave this class you will be all computer savvy. Thank you very much.

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