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In order to create this phone cast, I'm using iPadio into a website that allows me to create a phone cast using my cell phone. So in fact I'm recording this sound bite by using my cell phone and yet with a live phone cast or flog on to the internet. What I wanna attempt to do is to connect this technology of phone casting or flogging with the debook(?) book marking technique so I am currently viewing the wired mobile learning image and I'm gonna move down looking at my sticky notes that I've viewed with dego(?) iPod app and comment along with this image. The first thing I found interesting was the image that looks at the quote our case system of education. This is the new education(?) that I commented

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The Watch me  - phlog (36473) image uploaded on 13-Mar-11

Hey what's up Gang(?). It's Nick Wadoo(?) watch(?) me crusher pod cast. Again apologize for the background noise. I'm driving right now. I'm going to pick up packets fees(?) which I will install on Wednesday this been Monday because of the freeze we're gonna get tonight got a hold of today I'm putting them in but what are we wanna talk about today. Well today I wanna tell you about a toy I used when I'm researching post for my blogs called Ever New(?). An Ever New(?) claims to be your online brain and this is far superior method for book marking when you're doing research for topics or if you see anything that's pretty cool while you're surfing the web. This is the way they kinda give context to your book marks. This gonna go well beyond just adding a book mark which eventually gets lost in the big mess(?) of book marks. I know if you're like me you're possibly researching things in the internet finding a lot of cool stuff that making a book mark.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Kathy's phlog

Tags: homework assignment, delicious book, book marks

Everybody in ___ tools today. I'd like you to do a little homework assignment. The homework assignment is please make sure that you check your delicious book mark. There's probably probably tons of stuff in there that you might wanna use and make your own book marks or if you wanna put elm on your website whatever so your kids could use and I hope you enjoyed this.

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