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 Image (70003) image uploaded on 29-12-12

Than(?) welcome to. Weekly coming(?) off(?) call with our teacher Deborah(?) Roads(?). I would like to request that everyone knew it themselves and tell you want to ask a question to ask you question. You just press star six me yourself and if I pick up a lot of noise. I'm gonna move to meet you and I need you to let you know that you're a lot of background noise. So you. It's save(?) me. Judge(?) we are only reason(?) we don't have a class today. One give your first name when you ask you question. We we're addressing it is January eighth(?) Two thousand thirteen we're starting at nine zero six and we like to open with prayer zero volunteer(?) alright all been father. We wanna thank you for this opportunity to.

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Dunedin, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: annoying sound, sound of my voice, facebook

Hey everybody, it's it's Saturday it's about 12:00 in the afternoon and as you can tell by the city(?) in most annoying sound of my voice just Norm(?) and I am in the house so excuse the background noise because the whole family(?) is here with that shell(?) she probably won't make it. She a talk then(?) it's Jessie. He's right next to me. You wanna say hello. Just she shook her head now just as well but I just wanted to put out a quick walk break in reference to my pod cast the room in either(?) Brian(?) or and what I wanted to let you guys know was that I had a bit of difficulty last night looking at. I need to get available. The title of it is is there a doctor in the house and it uploaded(?) it's available on Facebook. It's available on Twitter it's available on the link(?).

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Alright you should be recording now. Ok. Here's what I'm thinking I wanted to do was do it more like a phone in and so more or less you've listened to my episode and you just said your own comments on the Avengers. That makes sense. Ok. Tell you what. I got some shit right now ___ yeah that be fine. Ok. Just let me know when you want me to go. I'm ready I'm gonna do this one I'll give you my background noise on it. So you can go ahead whenever you're ready. Ok. Ready. Be is gonna be ___ that works for people who have never seen any of the Marvel movies just as well for those who have seen them. There was small quick intro that you did each character give you enough information for each character to get a feeling of who we are and allows you to move

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 Image (128006) image uploaded on 07-02-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Preston, Lancashire, UK
by John's Popham's audio

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Tags: #LocalGovCampNW

Session on how to do live video streaming at LocalGovCamp NW 2012. Again, sorry that the acoustics aren't great and there's a lot of background noise

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The Watch me  - phlog (36473) image uploaded on 13-Mar-11

Hey what's up Gang(?). It's Nick Wadoo(?) watch(?) me crusher pod cast. Again apologize for the background noise. I'm driving right now. I'm going to pick up packets fees(?) which I will install on Wednesday this been Monday because of the freeze we're gonna get tonight got a hold of today I'm putting them in but what are we wanna talk about today. Well today I wanna tell you about a toy I used when I'm researching post for my blogs called Ever New(?). An Ever New(?) claims to be your online brain and this is far superior method for book marking when you're doing research for topics or if you see anything that's pretty cool while you're surfing the web. This is the way they kinda give context to your book marks. This gonna go well beyond just adding a book mark which eventually gets lost in the big mess(?) of book marks. I know if you're like me you're possibly researching things in the internet finding a lot of cool stuff that making a book mark.

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iPhone Phlog (66177) image uploaded on 15-Mar-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Yeltsin's phlog

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Tags: snapvine, facebook, myspace

Hey Jeffson. I'm ___ again like cos the first one I did I record too much background noise say and I was loud too. So I'm serious(?) the noise with butt in if I just recorded first but yeah I wanna use in Ipadio(?) and I wanna use it because it's not fine without like don't know what that out any more. I guess a year ago they get this this they discontinued it so I guess this is what I'm gonna use from now on if this actually does work cos the reason like it is but and I mean it's pretty good like connect to Facebook and Twitter and Tumbler(?) so yeah if this works out then I guess I'm starting using this and but but if you guys can find any other site

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 Image (59295) image uploaded on 07-05-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by C's phlog

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Tags: background noise, texting, big bang

This is a I'm testing now the iPad application ___ using iPad here. The background noise are my children playing because they don't know I'm trying to do a broadcast. Playing their game at the PS3 known as little big bang too. So this is ___ and trying to use the iPod texting like a broadcast and now ___

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Ron'sUpdate 32/LostTrailRunner - 18th phonecast - phlogcast (53695) image 1 uploaded on 12-Jan-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at Gwinnett, GA, USA, US
by LostTrailRunner Podcast

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Tags: Running, Half Marathon, Endurance

My Daughter Laura and I go to the Expo at Disney's Wide World of Sports on the Thursday before the WDW 1/2 Marathon. I hope that the background noise isn't to distracting. We had a good time at Disney World, but who doesn't? My intro and outro music is from DigitalJuice, the intro is "Hardwired" and the outro is "ComingDown". Digitaljuice.com This podcast was recorded using a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder and an iPod Touch with a Giant Squid Podcasting Microphone. twitter: www.twitter.com/losttrailrunner Blog: www.losttrailrunner.blogspot.com e-mail ID: losttrailrunner@gmail.com Skype voicemail: losttrailrunner Comment Line: 206-350-3517 Creative Commons License Ron'sUpdate/LostTrailRunner by Ron Keyes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Edinburgh Man on the Fringe #1 - phlogcast (35307) image 1 uploaded on 09-Aug-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK, GB
by Edinburgh Man

Tags: Edinburgh Festival, Fringe, Podsafe

Jonny and guest co-host Gordon present the first of three special shows from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! We struggle with background noise, and a wobbly table on a wobbly floor. Every time someone walks by the microphone almost falls onto the ground, but we still play some great podsafe music. Some tracks are new, some tracks have been featured on the podcast before, and some are inspired by the Fringe itself. It’s all a bit different from normal. There’s a still lot of random chatter, although this week it is mostly all about the Fringe. We had hoped to do some interview, and accost Fringe performers as they pass by, but in the end we just chat and play music. If you’re in Edinburgh this month we have what might be (loosely) considered reviews, and also some recommendations. If you’re not in Edinburgh hopefully there’s still be something you might find interesting. If nothing else there’s some good music. Podsafe music in this episode is played courtesy of Sub-Pop Records, Music Alley, IODAPromonet, killrockstars and Polyvinyl. http://edinburghman.posterous.com/edinburgh-man-on-the-fringe-1

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at Wheat Ridge, CO, USA
by Paul's phlog

Tags: wheat ridge colorado, 3 quarters, farmers market

Good Thursday morning to you Paul Swansen with you from Wheat Ridge Colorado just coming to you from there. And let's see where are we now. Well we still have a Paul Swansen dot com. We also are using Paul Swansen dot Posterous dot com. Given the current financial situation but thought we'd touch base here something various people other people do can get us what you'll do. So thought we'd get back in hang(?) of the things here. I am if you can hear the wind and probably some little background noise I am doing my best impression of being back in India and walking the 3 quarters of a mile or so down to the weekly summer farmers market and ___ just little bit

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