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 Image (1488614) image uploaded on 04-02-14
Broadcast 2 months ago at Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
by St Albans District News

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Tags: Better Information Means Better Care, NHS, ATOS

We ask probing questions below to help inform & encourage public debate on this important issue In March (spring 2014) GP's have been ordered by Government (legislation) to transfer all medical records to an external database - Better information means better care - it is titled Your date of birth, full postcode, NHS Number & gender rather than your name will be used to link your records in a secure system, managed by the HSCIC. HSCIC = Health & Social Care Information Centre The HSCIC was committed under the Health & Social Care Act 2012 to do this This makes intuitive sense as it should improve health care services in the long run - the principle is great! Leaflets were promised to be distributed to all of England’s 26.5 million households from 6 January 2014 - not one leaflet has been delivered yet - why? We have a number of concerns that haven't been debated publicly that surely should be - before the data is transferred over potentially compromising us all Do you know about this? Why is Govt seemingly hiding this action? Do you want to opt out? Should the data be going to a private company or stay within the NHS? Why is Govt railroading this through without consulting us first? Why are doctors (GP Surgeries) not informing us about this & how we can opt out if we choose? Are GP surgeries too lazy or colluding with Govt? Or not data savvy? Ask your doctor why you haven't been informed yet ATOS are the external data contractor - the company that have stopped incapacity & disability benefits for millions of people - causing 100's of suicides & plunging millions into deeper poverty - with non medically trained staff to assess medical conditions...... Can this company be trusted with our data? Is this privatisation of the NHS through the back door? THE NHS Constitution says the NHS is owned by us - if this is the case why can't we keep ownership of our records - oor own data? For such a large change in how our records are kept shouldn't we be informed of this change effectively & be allowed to debate this in public before changes happen? This change could be illegal without our consent - rather than simply allowing us to opt out....... Are you happy that central Govt are dictating what happens to us in our lives? & seemingly hiding their actions as there has been no leaflet distribution or GP surgery contact? Does this suggest underhand actions or just incompetence? Either way where is the public debate? This whole exercise may be in breach of EU data protection regulations anyway! In an age of interconnectedness why are such draconian Dickensian actions taking place? See the bottom of this information on what it means to object How to opt out - contact your GP Surgery - they are legally obliged to make it easy for you to opt out Public information film - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pkb65rwZVI#t=7 Daily Telegrapgh article - http://bit.ly/DailyTelegraphArticle Guardian Article - http://bit.ly/GuardianArticleMedicalRecordsForSale NHS England response to Guardian http://bit.ly/NHSEnglandResponseToGuardian NHS confirms leaflet distribution - http://bit.ly/BetterInfoNHSContactsHomes Read leaflet Better Information Means Better Care http://bit.ly/NHSBetterInfoMeansBetterCare Health & Social Care Act 2012 http://bit.ly/HealthAndSocialCareAct2012 Guide - http://bit.ly/Guide-to-confidentiality-in-health-and-social-care Privacy Impact Assesment - http://bit.ly/Privacy-Impact-Assessment NHS England website - http://bit.ly/YourNHSRecords GP Practice guidance from NHS England http://bit.ly/GuidanceGPPracticesCareData ATOS win contract & announce in 2011 http://bit.ly/ATOSAnnounceContractWin2011 What Can I Object To? There are two types of information sharing you can object to: You can object to information containing data that identifies you from leaving your GP practice. This type of objection will prevent the identifiable information held in your GP record from being sent to the Health and Social Care Information Centre’s secure environment. It will also prevent researchers who have gained legal approval (see question 22 in the full list of Patient FAQs) from receiving your health information. Information from other places where you receive care, such as hospitals and community services is collected nationally by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. The Health and Social Care Information Centre only releases this information in identifiable form where there is legal approval for doing so such as for medical research (see question 22 in the full list of Patient FAQs). This legal approval is only granted where it is: in the interests of patients or the wider public to do so; and impractical to obtain each individual patient’s consent; and not possible to use anonymised data. If you object, this type of information will not leave the Health and Social Care Information Centre to researchers with approval. The only exceptions are very rare circumstances such as a civil emergency or a public health emergency.

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Broadcast 2 months ago
by Renzo's channel

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I can talk about my city and its surroundings using articles.

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 Image (1356031) image uploaded on 20-01-14
Broadcast 2 months ago at Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire, UK
by For Your Ears Only

Tags: for your ears only, winter, calibre audio library

The Winter 2013 edition of For Your Ears Only, featuring the latest books added to our library, as well as an article on the late, great Nelson Mandela and books we have related to him, which includes one connection with a late member of Calibre! Happy reading…

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 Image (37621) image uploaded on 03-04-13
Broadcast 3 months ago
by Chris Fry's EFL channel

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Based on this article: http://m.fastcompany.com/3020758/leadership-now/why-deliberate-practice-is-the-only-way-to-keep-getting-better?partner

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 Image (59165) image uploaded on 24-01-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Nikischer Course Announcements

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Tags: Discussion boards, literature review, CEP week

Hello Everyone, I can’t believe it, it is already week #15 our- final week in the course! Next week, of course, is CEP week and you do have a Research Journal Entry due on Monday, as well as a course evaluation (which will be email to you by an outside vendor). But this is really the last week of the heavy lifting in our course, ADE 689. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. The discussion is going very well. I think these past three weeks of presentation discussion have been incredibly valuable, and I can see how you all are progressing in the questions you ask and the comments you make about each presentation. I am seeing real growth here and I think it is incredible. Make no mistake, you have learn a tremendous amount of information in this course. The final two assignments of the course- the Literature Review and the Hypothetical Research Presentation- are among the hardest assignments in the entire ADE program. They were supposed to be challenging. I am glad that you found them challenging and I hope you were able to see how learning about the research methods is one thing, but applying those methods to readings to analysis and synthesis of articles, and applying those methods to an actual research project, is a different animal all together. I am so happy in this course that we were able to both learn about the methods and actually apply and use the methods. I think you are all doing a terrific job and I love the growth that I am seeing on the discussion boards. You all received back from me via email your scored literature reviews. Great work everyone! Doing a literature review is a tremendous undertaking and you should be very proud of yourself for completing one. I sent them via email so that you will get all of my detailed comments in your Word documents. I know the Blackboard grade book has been a source of great frustration to us all, so for that assignment I decided just to send it to you directly so that we can cut the Blackboard middle man. Please do review the comments I made in your Literature Reviews and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. As always, if you think you were graded inappropriately or unfairly, definitely contact me right away. I’d be happy to talk with you about your score. In general, I think you all did a really good job and I think you all are moving forward, which is the most important point. This week we are finishing up our discussions. We have three presentations going and you all are doing an excellent job on those discussions. The boards are open until Wednesday 10pm. On Thursday, I will post the presentation scores to our presenter’s grade books and I will post those presentations summaries in each of the presentation discussion boards. Those summaries are my interpretation of what the most important critiques of each presentation have been. Please do not look at peer feedback or my feedback as a critique of you- this is a really important and essential process in learning how to become a great researcher. We’ve (those of us who are now working in research and scholarship) all go through the peer review process. We’ve all had some really critical critiques, and if you can learn how to use those critiques to make your work better, well then you can truly do something great. So, thank you for being open to the process, I think it can be challenging, but it is so very critical to becoming a great researcher, a great scholar and a great student. So thank you for your openness, again. My summary post and those scores will be posted on Thursday, and that really is the conclusion of the heavy work course. In the CEP week folder, there will be another (my final) ipadio course announcement, as well as a Goodbye Discussion Board. If you would like to post a farewell message to any of your peers in the course, you can do so there. And of course, you will have one final Journal Entry to reflect back on the work that you’ve done in this class. Next weekend, please take a minute, if you can, to run a grade report or to look at your scores in the course and to see what score you expect to get and what score you want to get in the course. If you think I have put a score in incorrectly or something isn’t scored, please contact me. Hopefully by the weekend the Blackboard grade book will be in excellent shape and you will be able to do the exercise without too much trouble. I will be available via email over the weekend and on Monday, and next Tuesday morning I have my final office hours from 8-9am. I am happy to speak with you over the telephone or meet with in person. So again, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks everyone- have a great week!

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Broadcast 4 months ago
by Andrea's channel

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 Image (59165) image uploaded on 24-01-13

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying Week #11. I think you all are having another terrific discussion this week on participatory action research (PAR), mix methods research and the difference between empirical and non-empirical research. I hope you all have taken time to read the articles written by our own department chair Dr. Susan Birden, and listened to Dr. Birden’s audio description of the work that she does. We added her work to this course because she really talks about a need for non-empirical research to be valued within the education field. Often times we see the divide in research be between qualitative and quantitative research, and non-empirical research gets left out of the conversation. So, I am really excited that you have been exposed to research from empirical to non-empirical. I have posted the discussion questions for the presentation week in the presentation week folders. You can take a look at how the discussion will run and that will give you a sense of what to expect when you’re presenting. Of course your presentation materials and your final literature review are due this Saturday. I will post all of those materials on Sunday and then our presentation discussion during Week #12 will begin on Tuesday. We will have an altered discussion schedule from next week from Tuesday to Thursday, due to the Veteran’s Day holiday. The presentation discussion board will open on midnight on Tuesday and will close on midnight on Thursday. So we have that entire discussion period to work on the presentation discussion board. This discussion will not have the same structure of our regular discussions, in that your first post response is not due as soon as the discussion opens. Instead you are required to make a first post on each of the four discussion boards (or three discussion boards if you are a presenter) within the 36 hours that the discussion is open. So, the discussion is open on midnight on Tuesday and then you are going to want to make sure that by noon on Wednesday you’ve posted a first post response to everyone who is presenting this week. Yes, presenters you do have to participate in the other discussion boards this week, as well as facilitate your own discussions board. I know it will be a busy week, but the discussion activity and the materials for the discussion are only reading requirement for this week and I think it is going to be extremely interesting and very valuable, as well. Those of you who have not done a lot of peer review in previous courses or have not worked with me in the grant writing course previously, I want you to encourage you to think through the peer review process. It’s critically important that you approach peer review with an open mind. Both as a reviewer and the presentation presenter who is being reviewed. Please know that we are all working together to learn as much as we possibly can about research and research methods, and all of the peer reviewed critiques will be given with the best intentions. So, I think if we all have an open mind and know that we are all working together to try to learn as much as we can the peer reviewed process will go very well. I’ll post some peer reviewed guidelines as well just so that you can take a look at how peer review typically should be approached. Thanks again for all you hard work in the course good look on all your final assignments. I hope they are coming along well. I will of course be available via “Ask the Instructor” discussion board and by email. On Saturday, I do have limited availability in the afternoon and evening, so please post any questions early in the day on Saturday. Thanks so much everyone have a great week and weekend!

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 Image (59165) image uploaded on 24-01-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Nikischer Course Announcements

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Tags: Discussion, draft literature review, research journal entry

Hello Everyone, Thank you for a terrific discussion during Week #10. I truly enjoyed sharing my research work with you. I was so impressed by your excellent questions about “Walking the Methodological Tightrope” and for our discussion about the text Speed Bumps. You did such a wonderful job on the discussions board. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it, and how happy I was to be able to share some of my work with you. All of your draft literature reviews have been scored and returned, so please be sure to take a look at the detailed feedback that I provided in your documents and feel free to contact me at any time with questions and concerns. Some of you gave me a lot information to work with and I gave you as much feedback on that as I could. Others of you did not give me back as much information and so I want to give everyone particularly, those of you who didn’t give me as much information, the opportunity to upload any documents you will like me to review in this week’s research journal entry. The research journal is currently set up so that we can have a conversation about any outstanding questions you may have about your literature review and also so that we can talk about what hypothetical research model you will be proposing in your presentation. But, you are also welcome to upload your current draft of your literature review if you would like additional feedback. If you do upload a more current draft, please let me know what you have changed so that I can respond accordingly. Next week we will be finishing our discussion of research methods. We will be talking about mixed methods research, participatory action research (PAR) and we’ll also be talking about two non-empirical forms of research and we will be reading articles by our own chair Dr. Susan Birden. Dr. Birden has also generously made an audio clip for us describing what type of processes of research that she conducts and the audio tape is really interesting and it is available in Week #11. Next week, in addition to our discussion, you will be completing your literature review and project presentation materials and during Week #12 you’ll begin our project presentations. I really look at project presentations as an additional form of learning in this course- we’ll be learning with and from each other and engaging in a bit of peer review. I hope you all are open to the process! I think it is going to be incredibly valuable. As always, I have office hours next week on Tuesday and Wednesday and you are welcome to contact me at any time to set up an alternative time to meet. The “Ask the Instructor” discussion board is open, so feel free to post questions and have a terrific weekend. Thanks everyone!

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Broadcast 9 months ago
by Meena's channel

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Tags: cosmo, films, animals

I'm sorry. ___ are you free to talk now or yes yes yes yes. Ok thank you so much. So just a little more about the article that we're working on. We're planning to feature a lot of ___ animals and films and kind of what they're doing right now and life after they've been off screen. So I understand that you worked with Cosmo from beginners. Yes I did and so I also have a quick question. Aside from Cosmo do you still work with Clyde the ___ yes yes yes I

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Broadcast 9 months ago at Columbiana, AL 35051, USA
by Mel's channel

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Tags: necessary features

I'm wondering how much feedback is necessary features in Tech coordinator with this blog post on feedback I want to include Derek web in his feedback album may embedded from noise trade if it's still in noise trade and including article on how Rucki(?) could drove me more support than they're getting. I swear I save something on Vigo or tweeted(?) back in two thousand ten about how teachers need more students in they're getting. Your generation teachers but I also wanna include why the people think it just a great in order to get this information and also included how I'm gonna call present this information maybe to other tech coaches and then

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