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Broadcast 2 years ago at 350-398 Lawnton Terrace, Ridley, PA 19043, USA
by Jessica's channel

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Tags: american revolution, 5th grade, education

My students had just learned about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War so I proposed a challenge. They had to create a solution to the problem between England and the colonists, ultimately preventing the war.

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Broadcast 3 years ago at 2500 Rd, Independence, KS 67301, USA
by Paul's channel

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Tags: exploring america, dot org, colonization

Hello and welcome to the American Culture Tonight(?). In this course we will be exploring America's founding from earlier ___ exploration through colonization into the American Revolution and how America got it's independence from the May(?) for the Shem(?) Park. We also be on a great depths on the constitution and how the document that was written over two hundred and thirty years has listed test of time and it served that is a sample for many other countries. Finally we'll go the whole way through the civil war when our country broke or ended 2 parts and the struggle to bring it back together and reconstruction. I hope you enjoy learning about our nation's beginnings. If you ever if you ever have any questions please feel free to email me at McFarland P at Nuhl(?) S D K 12 dot org that's M C F A R L A N D P at symbol N U H L.

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Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential founding fathers of the United States. When he was young he rebel against the British by writing many passionate essays about creating a rebellion in natural lights. In 1775 he lifted the Melisia(?) and fought in the Battles of New York City against the British. He was good in organizing his Melisia(?) then ___ brought him to George Washington's attention and he became a lieutenant in the Continental March 1777. He fought many battles such as Battle of Utah(?). He was he left it a member of Continental Congress in 1782. All in the American Revolution he wrote a series of paper urging the people of New York.

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___ Adam father of the American Revolution was born on September 27th 1722 Boston Massachusetts. Faren(?) Adam has many nicknames including the Fire Ren(?) of the American Revolution Patriarch(?) of Liberty and the father of the American Revolution because of his early stands against the tyranny of Great Britain and his features in reigning that ___ American Colony in to the fight for freedom. He also signed the declaration of independence in the articles of con federation. Faren(?) Adam also did many great things for our country like turning us on to Liberty and organizing the first committee of correspondence. He also wrote an article for the Boston Gazette from October 17th 1768 and he talked about the soldiers in the American Rev in the American Revolution. Faren(?) Adam also said it is

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Thomas Jefferson, was born in Virginia on April 13th, 1743. He attended the college of William and Mary 1760 to 1762. And in 1769, he served 6 years as a representative in Virginia House of Birchises(?). As the American Revolutionary War was coming to an end Jefferson explained these colony, he said were tax internally and externally. Their central interest sacrifice individual in Great Britain. The legislators suspended. Charters annulled. Trials by jurors taken away. The person subjective to ___ across the ___ and to trial by foreign(?) judiciary. The suppocation(?) for ___ publish as cowards and councils of the mother country in course of your armed troops sent amongst them to enforce submission to these violences and actual hostilities commenced against them.

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