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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Clearwater, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: afternoon march, saturday afternoon, norm

Hi Keith(?), it's me just Norm and I will get a pod cast that already but man on the run Saturday afternoon March the 10th. So climbing probably in the fifth(?) 4:00 hour. The twelve(?) was and is if you get 10mi in today. Just a little background info make extremely crappy and very grouchy and very angry and very frustrated with the latest circumstances in my life. This too shall pass but anyway this ten I'm trying to get I'm at about 5 and half almost 5:00 and few quarters now and it seems like the longest ten in the world but I'm determine to get it done if it takes a thousand watt(?) break. If it takes till dark. I gotta get ten in today started out a little bit late. I didn't get out of bed till about 11:30 this morning started to

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