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Justin's phlog - phlog (3128) image uploaded on 12-Jun-09

Hi, it's Justin from PRO-ACTIVE South with another news broadcast for you, hopefully you've not been too affected by the snow. Where our offices are in Croydon it's about a metre deep or so it seems. A few of us have managed to make into the office so you can still get a hold of us and it's business as usual. In this weeks broadcast, or today's broadcast, I wanted to give you some information on school sports partnerships, firstly. I attended the school sports partnerships conference in Croydon this week - now in the recent comprehensive spending review, you may remember that there was headline cuts to sport and the arts of around thirty percent in Treasury funding. Now the fallout of this is that what was a hundred and sixty million nationwide in dedicated funding for school sport has no longer been set aside for school sport so coupled with the cuts in local authorities, there is serious concern about the school sports partnerships and if they are going to remain, and also how that will impact upon young people and sport in schools.

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The Pod Delusion's phlog - phlog (9216) image uploaded on 17-Sep-09

An interview-tastic show this week featuring none-other than James Randi, DJ Grothe, Gia Milinovich, Andrew Penman and more!

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