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 Image (1572642) image uploaded on 14-02-14
Broadcast 2 months ago at LaktaĊĦi, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Military Social Media

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Social Ops is a new podcast navigating the Influence Activity Battlefield. n this third edition Nicole and David discuss Social Media and Influence Activity both in a civilian and military context, and talk about the Bosnian Spring, Crisis Comms and politics in Social Media. How do you ensure what you see is true? How to measure believability? How to conduct Damage Limitation. David has set up a LIVE auto-updating aggregator of tweets from the "Bosnia Spring" at http://www.rebelmouse.com/ProtestsBiH/ to show the "conversation flow" and Nicole suggests some further reading at https://econ.duke.edu/uploads/media_items/snyderwine-dictator-s-dilemma-final.original.pdf Social Ops is a collaboration between http://wwwsocialmediamonster.com.au and http://www.militarysocialmedia.eu

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 Image (578637) image uploaded on 15-07-13
Broadcast 9 months ago at Center City East, Philadelphia, PA, USA
by Philly News

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Tags: Trayvon Martin protest, Jaramogi, Philly news

After a big weekend demonstration several protesters remained in front of the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo at a public building in Philadelphia on Monday, July 15, 2013

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Broadcast 10 months ago
by carma's channel

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Tags: interesting things, similarity, shields

Class welcome back to our next protest. This unit unit 3 we've been talking about rates and re shields and similarity. This protest was talk us meanly on similarity. Now to to your up back you'd much recall object are call similar if they have the same shape and are uniformly skilled either enlarging or by tricking. The advantage are got a lot of new words and may head been well computing for was definitely is that you have the exact same shape same angles but the shape and ___ are is the larger or smaller. With that there is also the possibility of the additional translation rotation and reflection which means they all have the exact same position they can must start up and but there also lot of interesting things.

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Broadcast 10 months ago at Greenwich Village, New York, NY, USA
by Gui's channel

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 Image (497193) image uploaded on 11-06-13
Broadcast 10 months ago at City of Westminster, Greater London, UK
by Fugitive Bushcraft

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Tags: climbers, protesters, police officers

London Metropolitan Police have raided 40 Beak St, London where protester from the Stop G8 where using the building as a convergence centre to organise the #J11 protests from #G8 #J11

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Broadcast 12 months ago at Cedar City, UT, USA
by Malori's channel

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Tags: african american spirituals, hymns, old testament

A brief overview of the difference in lyrics and content in African-American Spirituals and Protestant Hymns. Brief snippets of "Let My People Go (Go Down Moses)", "Deep River", "Down to the River to Pray", "Lead, Kindly Light", "How Firm a Foundation", and "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee"

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Broadcast about a year ago at Stowe-by-Chartley, Staffordshire, UK
by Kim's channel

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Tags: christianity history, american christianity, religious belief

Silver Leader William Bradford. Explain that rather than opposition from Hayden. It was the persecution of the Christian wanna get another force to fill flee from England wait the English silver and the Prince ___ and Spanish Catholic before them, but in Benson America having Christian from the very beginning. Those immigrants haven't anything that unified in their religious belief practices this close is from American Christianity, history of dominant diversity which is edited back Catherine Bridget and Clark Gilborn(?) this quote up your this pretty ___ of attention to Lynn chapter of this book which was written by James Bennett from the inception of America Christianson not been able to get along which is the focus of this portion of the writing Catholics the Mormons have been hated the ___ Protestants(?) have disputed

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Broadcast about a year ago at Madison, KY, USA
by Pastor LaVeeshia 's channel

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Tags: textbook chapter, church experience, atman

Hello and welcome. The topic of my final project is called check your fences. I have chosen the textbook chapter on material transformation and the step of Christian practice in the United States. I will begin by quoting Promi(?) who starts her argument by stating this that American Christian practice in past and present is intimately(?) engaged with stuff. ___ sensory and material as it is textual. Our senses play a huge part of how we contextualize our church experience. As professor Atman puts it. The ___ on sensory cultures breakdown long hill distinction between Protestants(?) and Catholic regarding materiality(?). The chapter draws upon the way in which Christianity perceive operating from the visual and ___

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago at Historic District, Dallas, TX, USA
by Anna's channel

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Tags: two thousand dollars, political protest, reagan administration

Ok in 1994 there's a Republican National Convention in Dallas Texas Mr Gregory Lee Johnson burned the United States flag after a Republic Political protest against Duvan(?) Reagan Administration and it's policies. Mr Johnson was charged with Texas law that prohibit just a crane respected or symbolic objects sent it to one year in prison at and fines two thousand dollars

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