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 Image (107076) image uploaded on 23-08-13
Broadcast about a month ago at Perry County, IL, USA
by Believers for Christ

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Tags: Jesus - Fasting - Christ Heals!

Description from YouTube Video: http://youtu.be/YCbf29-yPQs Jesus expected His followers to fast, no less than to pray. Fasting can avert God's judgment, change disaster to victory, bring healing to a nation and precipitate the latter rain of God's Spirit. My Personal Testimony Of Gods Deliverence Power And Love Through Being Healed From Mental Illness - http://youtu.be/mJuDnjA0mkU This sermon is shared from http://derekprince.tv/Groups/10000585...

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 Image (33892) image uploaded on 21-04-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Downtown, Las Vegas, NV, USA
by Rev. Vincent X. Shaw, M.Div.

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Tags: sermon, hope, illness


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Good morning class before we get started on today's lesson I want to update you on this year's charity basketball game. For the first time, Coughlin High School faculty will be taking on the Junior High faculty and Meyers will play G A R faculty. A Faculty all star team will also take on a team that of local news casters from your favorite news station. The event is being held on Friday March first at six p.m. The event will raise money to benefit children and families affected by life threatening illnesses. The proceeds will go to the children's miracle network from Janet Weiss Children Hospital. Tickets will be sold at participating schools. The price is three dollars for adults and two dollars for students. All tickets sold at the door will be three dollars. For more information call the Solomon Junior High activities director. Hope to see you there.

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Clearwater, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: twelve years, little girl, friday night

All right folks(?) it's just Norman it's six twenty five Friday night hear my voice. It's going again. I'm sick again. I'm sick again. I A. I don't know. Well we're(?) back up as far as I know I don't have cancer and he's at. I guess(?) or any other life threatening illness. However if you've taken and I certainly have I seen(?) to get six(?) more often and more often more often. The only thing I can attribute(?) this to is being around a lot of sick people and of course that includes my family my little girl resell(?) has strep throat. She's twelve years old my four year old was taken(?) the doctor today and I have not have strep throat but she.

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Mark(?) this I believe essay is a page from my journal. I call it chicken Soup for the soul of a new teacher. It's ___ and it's five thirty three a.m. I love the morning. There's just something about the quiet stillness(?) of a new day. Maybe it's the chance to start over. There's a Baptist ___ and it's called Great is the Faithfulness(?) and it has a line that says morning by morning new mercy I see. If God give me another chance, everyday I'm glad to have another chance in the classroom. Each day I have another opportunity to catch up and uninterrupted lesson or maybe fixed and miss understanding. Nevertheless yesterday was a good day. Hopefully today we'll

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This is my essay on how agriculture can help decrease malnutrition(?). Agriculture can help malnutrition(?) around the world. We should have just increase the quantity of food. We should improve quality and diversity of food as well. About two million people die from malnourishment(?) this year. It affects about one billion people's health thus in illnesses are most ___ lack of protein or micro nutrients. Malnutrition(?) weaken immune system having so many affects to people. We just start opposing malnourishment(?) at a different angle. We should stop relying on chemical products fertilizers. Fertilizer is not ___ properly can cause different illnesses. Small changes in ___ could help. So start ___ practices. We can help farmers protect natural resources and reduces food waste and improve food production from ___ infested more of ___

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 Image (14668) image uploaded on 25-03-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Sundsvall Ö, Sweden
by Deanthebard's Ipadio blog

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Tags: chronic insomnia, good evening, friday night

Good evening. If I can say that. It is Friday night. And I'm doing a I paid blog from Sweden. This blog is in response to someone who sent me a message on Twitter earlier. I'm not gonna tell the name cos I can't make bother with that. But they said insomnia is not a condition it's a made up fantasy. Now for those of you could who don't know. I suffer from chronic insomnia. That happens since I was 14. It's I didn't say it's an illness. I call it a condition I get about 2 hours sleep maximum per day. Which means that what most people sleeping 2 nights I sleep in 7. The problem with chronic insomnia is that your brain is asleep but your body

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Broadcast about a year ago at Crook, OR, USA
by Stacy 's channel

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Tags: rivers and mountains, severe storms, dangerous adventure

Pack your wagons and get ready to travel on the Oregon Trail. You and your family are leaving all that you know behind in order to head out West for New Life in Oregon territory. This will be an exciting yet dangerous adventure. You will encounter dust, mud, severe storms, illness and accidents. You may run low on supplies if you didn't pack well or be forced to make difficult decisions about what to leave behind if you over pack your wagon. You will have to take your wagons across plains, rivers and mountains and you may even encounter Indians. So make sure you have items to trade in order to keep track of all of your experiences on the trail. I'm giving you your very own journal write about your daily life and the joys and sorrows of your journey to Oregon. Such an experience should be recorded for future generations to read. So ready your wagons and begin your journey. Wagons ho.

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The fight against illness pathogens produces symptoms of an infectious disease by damaging body cells or producing poisonous waste products called toxins. The body protects itself by producing antibody(?) which locks onto antigens on the surface of pathogens such as bacteria. This kills the pathogen. Human white blood cells produce antibody(?) resulting in active immunity. This can be slow process but have a long lasting effect. Vaccination is using antibody(?) from another human animal results in positive immunity which have, which have a quick ___ and effect. Each pathogen has its own antigen so specific antibody(?) is needed for each pathogen. The process of immunization is also called vaccination. ___ injecting a harmless.

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 Image (33892) image uploaded on 21-04-13

___ always on Christmas eve in Jesus. Amen. Yet here we are on New Years day and the last think that anyone wants to do or talked about read about all here on New Years is the shedding of blood. We'd enough of that last year enough war, enough violence enough accidents, enough illness that I just hear that concerning father of the church ___ on tile(?) man that's the last thing I we wanna have to any of people can we start this year on a positive note instead. But there it is, in the middle of 1 verse Gospel he was circumcised. Eight days after his birth and shortly before his presentation in the temple. The baby born in Bethlehem. Had his foreskin(?) removed and receive in his name.

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