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Broadcast 3 months ago at Hollins, VA, USA
by Kelvin's channel

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 Image (29266) image uploaded on 05-04-13
Broadcast 8 months ago
by Brian's Sociology phlog

A brief discussion for SCLY3 on media representations of homosexuality.

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 Image (14668) image uploaded on 25-03-13

Hi everyone, it's Dean Haff. Just really wanted to have a quick iPadio blog on a subject which has been in the news for the last few days. The subject which is which is really kind of got me thinking. For those of you who don't know I don't really know how to say this really but Uganda the Country is actually at the moment passing a law to say that if you're homosexual then you could actually be place in a death penalty. Basically the Uganda is anti homosexuality bill which is being discussed in parliament this week, many people in Uganda, many leading politicians have actually proposed that this legislation is is pass. For those we don't know Uganda is a very kind of conservative society a many condemned homosexuality, both un Christian un African.

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The Pod Delusion's phlog - phlog (9216) image uploaded on 17-Sep-09

This week: Earth Hour, File Sharing, Shakespeare, Rationalist Hip-hop and curing homosexuality!

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A Thinking Man's Audio Tweets - phlog (4862) image uploaded on 27-Jul-09
Broadcast 4 years ago
by A Thinking Man's Phlog

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Tags: Illness, Mental, Affair

Hey, I really, really don't want to jump on the bandwagon and pour self-righteous scorn onto Iris Robinson. The woman has confessed to a recent affair within a 40 year marriage. Many commentators have been exercised by the apparent hypocrisy of the situation. She is a Protestant Christian who has been quite outspoken on the alleged sexual immorality of others - in particular of the gay community, calling homosexuality 'vile'. It is not my place to judge - I, like her, am a fallible human being, capable of making big mistakes, and capable of not living up to my own standards at times. I can empathise with the shock, anger, and pain that her family, her friends, and she are going through at the moment. I have seen it enough in my life experience, and see it almost weekly in my work. No, it is not the affair as such, or the apparent hypocrisy that has prompted me to write. What has interested me is the religious and psychological overtones of the whole situation. Again, I need another careful caveat before coming to the point. Iris Robinson has talked about her mental illness and attempted suicide. A big part of me wants to applaud such honesty as both subjects would be considered embarrassingly taboo by many. And I am the last person to want to judge how true those claims about mental illness may or may not be. But regardless of Iris Robinson's particular mental state, what does concern me is the apparent link between religion, sexual non-conformity, and mental illness that is emerging.

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