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 Image (111363) image uploaded on 21-11-11

An introduction and recommendation for David Meerman Scott's new ebook - Newsjacking. How to get your story out and piggybacked on a big news story - the right way. DMS always provides great insights. Check him out here. http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/

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@dmscott and his rant about ROI in social media - phlogcast (15671) image 1 uploaded on 08-Jan-10
Broadcast 4 years ago
by Rax's phlog

Tags: @dmscott, david meerman scott, ribizee

I'm a big follower of David Meerman-Scott's work and this 'outburst' from him on the Ribizee Media Podcast made me chuckle whilst nodding my head in complete agreement... While David argues that you can’t measure the Return on Investment in social media in the ways that people commonly think, he offers some alternatives to things that you can measure: * How many people are getting exposed to your ideas? * How many people are downloading your stuff? * How often are bloggers writing about you and your ideas? * (And what are those bloggers saying?) * Where are you appearing in search results for important phrases? * How many people are engaging with you and choosing to speak to you about your offerings? * How are sales going? Is the company reaching its goals? http://www.ribeeziemedia.com/2010/01/dmscott-rants-on-the-roi-of-marketing-on-the-web/

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