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 Image (1139210) image uploaded on 09-12-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Deighton, North Yorkshire DL6, UK
by Motorbike TV

Tags: #motorbiketraining #motorbikeadvancedriding #motorbiketv #freemotorbiketraining

Next year I have arranged for some FREE MotorBike Advanced Rider training days - and this podcast tells you more about it

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Sedric's phlog

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Tags: cedric, jessie, western university

___. Hey Jessie my name is Cedric McQueen. I'm currently ___ Western ___ University and I have an assignment that I need to interview someone in the ___ Department preferably a manager if there's available. She's already gone for the day. Ok can I interview you. I'm not the director. What was what's your title. ___ information.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Cedric's phlog

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 Image (60460) image uploaded on 21-02-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Barb's Phonecasts

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Tags: Sietar, CEDR, conflict

Barbara Gibson interviews Ranse Howell, of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

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Simon's phlog - phlog (30804) image uploaded on 26-Sep-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at 63112 Blanzat, France
by Simon's phlog

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Tags: Learning, Languages, Téléphones

Hi Logan. Hi everybody it's Simon. I'm an English teacher. I'm calling from Clamor(?) Fellow in France in the Center of France and it's raining never mind let's hope it's Sunny tomorrow. Well you can ask me to talk to you about time using telephones in the classroom. So here it goes. Well the first thing is that I'm actually speaking to you using a telephone. It's my iPhone which I bought in Cedrie(?) and since Cedrie(?) has become the most important learning tool that I have. So I'm going to explain to you how that is, well firstly I used it to read all my emails to follow all my social networks. I used it to follow all the my students

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Baily's phlog

Tags: wine glasses, s trap, cedric

I sit and Cedric(?) I sit and Cedric(?) with the last 3 mistakes I have made and think about a bedroom and how it can turn in to cave that can swallow you whole and still manage to leave you in pieces and think about yourself smile that turns in ___ to over rocking crisis(?) that can occur but never last like they do before they meet class it's a trap it's trap. I sit and ___ with the claterring(?) of dishes and they clink of wine glasses and companies absolutely of they can possibility doing fire and bounce some covered shows to see with problems that know how to build and so bagged edges doing hard. You hated it when she stated it so smoothly so easy you came out like music the kind that's light and breezy but the word gathered in a waited marrow in her bone the software noise and tell of voice cut you down to your

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