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The first investors in this week is Electronic Arts. It's about 55, 15 dollars and 83 cents. 52 range is 16 dollars and 28 cents to 26 dollars and 13 cents and currently selling at 16 dollars and 69 cents. To the biggest competitors are Microsoft and Oracle corporation. All of these companies share a common goal of creating entertainment in games for software. Microsoft 52 range is 23 dollars and 65 cents to 32 dollars and then 32 dollars and 28 cents. Oracle Corporation. 52 range is 24 dollars and 72 cents and 36 dollars and 50 cents. It is selling at 29 dollars and 83 cents. The first reason it was Electronic Arts of competitors is because of the 52

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Romine, IL, USA
by haley's channel

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Tags: bonanza creek, town energy, 50 cents

Ok this is Journal Six(?) and I invested in Bonanza Creek Energy for 250 shares because I thought I was doing fairly well. Today's change was a hundred and seven and 50 cents and it's holding was a hundred and ten dollars. So I predicted it's going to go up one dollar by next week because the chart shows increasing. One of their competitors is WNT Off Shore. They are actually doing better than Bonanza. They are up by 255 another competitor is Union Town Energy and they're doing better too. They went up by 1 cent. Another

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This week I only got one stock which is Eric Gold Corporation for 48 dollars and 40 cents a share. And I purchased 175 shares Eric Gold Corporation is the largest pure gold mining company in the world. ABS is 52 week high at 55 dollars and 95 cents and it's 52 week low as 42 dollars and 50 cents. Some of that Eric's mean competitors are Ken Ross Gold, New Marty Mining Corporation, ___ Gold Resources and Gold Corporate. I chose ABS over all of it's competitors because according to some of the information I researched. I thought that over all in the Eric Gold would be worth more and bring in more money. In the past 5 days. Eric has gone up and then with back down about 2 dollars. I have to get back this stock will go down a few more cents and then it go back up about 2 or 3 more dollars. And instead of buying another stock I decided that would be a good idea to purchase more share

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Yeah for a new start for that date this week was Apple(?) for APL(?). I think that apple was launching ___ because of the new technology that is coming out with. It revolutionized touchscreen(?) music players and revolutionized tablets. So if you're getting. Apple it's just all around good stuck. In the 52 week information summary Apple low was 320 dollars and it's high was 522 dollars and 14 cents. Apples competitors consists of Hewitt Packer(?), terrogator(?) and ___ tech international. And my ___ ratio for the stock is 511 dollars 50 cents to 15 dollars. The other new stock for that this was this week was Nintendo or NTDOI(?). Nintendo was a good investment because it's coming out with new gaming systems with brand new tech(?)

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Puerto López, Meta, Colombia
by victoria's channel

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Tags: buying stock, growth equity, cap growth

Lately I have been researching considering buying stock into your I put up charge on your with finance and on in best to get up and in the last 2 years they have been almost constantly increasing except for in November 2011 and total January 2012. I wanted get this up but recently it has been pretty steadily increasing. If your end does not really seems to have direct competitors. I would see about there in the last to gather should be R W G which is Columbia large cap growth equity. If you're there at R W G is a large from sticker(?) because their stocks are only have 30 dollars and 50 cents compared to your end unfortunately currently at 143 dollars and 94 cents. They're both increasing right now. I've got my research and in have changed my interest from your end

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 Image (39197) image uploaded on 21-07-11

Students don't forget that tomorrow starts our first ever Cavalier Team Spirit Week! So make sure you bring in lots of change or dollar bills so that you can participate in all the fun activities happening each day. Tomorrow is crazy sock day and also we will be purchasing strips of paper to write our dreams on and the team with the largest links put together will win. So bring in your change 50 cents for each link. I'll see you tomorrow.

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One of my stocks that I invested in this week was Clear Wire. Clear Wire is a mobile broadband company and it's, we bought at a dollar 43 and we've got 9 thousand shares of it. When I bought it, the 52 week range was a dollar 24 to 7 dollars and 44 cents. So it was very close to fifty, to the bottom of it's 52 week range. We invested in this because 4G is becoming very big. It actually explode and so with it being at the bottom of it's 52 week range we figure it will have a big jump. I had bought it as a trade and AT&T is one of the competitors but it was just too high for me. So I went in on this one, a little bit lower. My prediction is that it will jump up to about 2 dollars and 50 cents. By the time

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Mrs. DeAngelis' phlog - phlog (35565) image uploaded on 07-Mar-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Mrs. DeAngelis' phlog

Tags: gray caps, red caps, blue caps

Once there was pedler(?) who sold caps. He was not like an ordinary pedler(?) carrying his wares on his back. He carries them on top of his head. First he had on his own check cap. Then a bunch of gray caps then a bunch of brown caps and a bunch of blue caps on the very top a bunch of red caps. He walk up and down the street holding himself very straight so as not to upset his caps as he went along he called caps caps for sale 50 cents a cap. One morning he couldn't sell any cats. He walk up the street and he walk down the street calling caps caps for sale 50 cents a cap and nobody wanted any caps that morning nobody wanted even a red cap then he feel very hungry he had no money for lunch. I think will go.

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