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Good evening. This call is with regards to the Century Technology High School. The school the focus on science technology engineering and maths. The school focus on Grade 9 to 12. ___ here. Is best for those grade and go 9th of 12th. 3.3 coming in from a 3 year. Also with an explores ___ off 17 to 23. We thank you so much for choosing Century Technology High School. Its ___ text it to me hey.

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Yes good evening everyone. This is Ramon Martinez. I just realise that the message should be how I could see or I could not see this being used in blended journey well. I do see myself use in this technology. IT use it to broadcast on the web been such as reminders to students of important do they message to revise statement comings or either on a mistakes made by majoring class. For example sometimes I have made a mistake on a particular problem and you know the mass feature so then I realised that I made that mistake that people already been dismissed so I could probably use this technology to reach out to all the students and make that correction.

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 Image (72120) image uploaded on 18-01-13
Broadcast 10 months ago at Central Business District, Houston, TX, USA
by 2013 English Senior Women's Amateur Stroke Play Championship

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Tags: debbie richard, catherine russell, seventy one

Good evening this is Lindsey Houston reporting at the end of the second day's play in the English senior women's stroke championship at Shanglenon(?) ___ white. ___ who won this title in two thousand and seven ___ with one run to play. Sue from Delimere(?) ___ has put together two runs of each of one on the past seventy one and today score included a ___ is British senior champion Catherine Russell from Sudrick(?) who is ___ over. Then there's a ___ to the next group of four players who are currently tied in third place. They are Amanda Mane of Somerset Felicity Christine and Debbie Richard Missouri and Carol Wale from ___. At the end of today's play the field was cut to the leading

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Well good evening dishwasher is running in the background it might be a little noisy here in my kitchen. But making my very first iPadio(?) broadcast and I wanted to talk a little bit about how I think this could be use for not using a blended learning environment and I think anytime you can hear somebody else's voice along with their message. That it can helps to convey clear the meaning that the speaker is trying to get. So I think having a tool like iPadio(?) which allows you to use your cell phone or any telephone could make a audio file and how it'd be post to the web and then you can get it and share it if you need to with the other members of the class or or as a teacher students and it would be a good tool to use. This is pretty

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 Image (75255) image uploaded on 13-02-13

Good evening everyone, I am broadcasting ___ and I wanna talk about special program and special and ___ think about special education in the public school system and how we live in a society that passes kids on a lot of times students would be pass on they didn't even how to read a lot of the times the parents will only realized that there's, there's they're child had an issue. So I'm here to talk about the kind of help on a parent can look for and my personal experience with special education. The most important being a parent and teacher needs to know and remember that there is help for all children. Many teachers and parents do not realize that a child may have a disability(?) and ___ that may keep the student from learning and grafting ___

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Broadcast about a year ago at Historic District, Dallas, TX, USA
by Dr.'s phlog

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Tags: good evening, fifteenth, dallas texas

Good evening it's Dallas Texas. It's eleven thirty on January fifteenth(?).

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Broadcast about a year ago at Al Wusta, Oman
by 42nd National Day Journey - from Sea to Summit

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Tags: khali, good evening, oman

Hi good evening ___. My name is Reg(?) ___ I'm from Oman ___ Oman Khali Oman ___ Group we are in ___ 42nd national day and today was the 2nd day in our exhibition(?) we start for morning around 8:00 but before that we have we was in some briefing and breakfast activity we before we start our exhibition(?) one activity this activity where it was ___. Activity we can we have briefing about environment about ___.

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Good evening students. Don't forget to work on tonight's homework use ___ test draft and read your chapter book for at least twenty minutes tonight. Have a good night.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Tribeca, New York, NY, USA
by Molly's channel

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Tags: franklin delano roosevelt, ladies and gentleman, howard campbell

Hello ladies and gentleman ___ radio station W K N Y. You're listening to the evening edition of news New York. Your neighborhood line for news politics and sports. I'm your host Robert Seagraves with the latest and the greatest. This evening we continue our saga media outlets and weaponry. A detailed coverage of radio youth connected to our country's deeply intrenched(?) battle for liberation(?), and equality as we find ourselves in the perils(?) of a great wall against the Nazi fascist and German. With us this evening we have the great president of our great nation Mr Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Good evening Mr President. Good evening Robert. Mr President I'm sure you have heard the latest report out of Germany of our broadcaster(?) Howard Campbell Junior. I have indeed heard about Mr Campbell and his messages of cowardice(?) spoken towards his strong belief and not the political ideology.

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Good evening students. This is a test for ipadio(?). Our pin code for our class will be 7747. You will be asked once a week to sign on to Ipadio(?) call in and turn the pin and let me know what you have learned this week. Thank you and if you have any questions please ask me at school

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