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This message was preached by Pastor Greg Jones, the senior pastor. Scripture text: Numbers Chapter 12. Please excuse the beginning of the recording.

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 Image (958364) image uploaded on 31-10-13
Broadcast 5 months ago
by valerie's channel

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Superwoman Teleseminar October 30 2013 - Hosted by Valerie Jampolsky - This call was inspired by this quote - "Your current circumstances don't matter, there is no excuse not to step into your purpose right now!" - Belisa Perez. Comment and share if you're stepping into your purpose... To join our community connect on facebook http://WorkWithValerie.com/facebook or go to http://workwithvalerie.com/freedom

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 Image (678525) image uploaded on 18-09-13
Broadcast 7 months ago at Sonoma, CA 95476, USA
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Sam Silverstein, Wholesaler Masterminds® Radio

Entrepreneur, business expert, and international author, Sam Silverstein’s battle cry of “No More Excuses” has been heard by companies and business professionals the world over. Accountability is today’s competitive advantage to reclaim market share and win the heart of a hyper-discerning consumer. Sam knows how to get million-dollar results. His companies have sold upwards of $100 million in products and services, and he successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Sam has shared his millionaire secrets on over 450 radio stations and on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. He has authored 10 books, is the creator of The Accountability Academy®, and has been a contributing author to countless publications throughout his incredible career. Sam’s newest publication is Accountability Magazine and is available in Apple’s iTunes Store.

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 Image (31961) image uploaded on 21-08-13
Broadcast 10 months ago at Lemoyne, PA, USA
by The AudioBuzz

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Tags: weed, excuses, one leg

One Legged Dan got creative when caught smoking weed at work!

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 11 months ago
by Saif's channel

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Tags: duffy, kristy, princess

Hello. Lee. Hello. Princess. Hello. Who is this. Who is this. Kristy. Who are you. I have to hang up. ___. Who are you. Misty excuse me. What's your name. Duffy. Your Duffy. Duffy and I want in ___

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12

Well good morning my friends. Yes this is just Norm walking through another edition of the Walk Breaks. It is Tuesday morning May the fourteenth(?). Excuse me if and when I cough. I just thought it would happen during this phonecast(?). I have this massive head cold that I had since. I had a itchy throat last week all of the sudden late Saturday night that turn into this. I've been coughing and hacking and almost mucus things that we did have so anyway thanks to the question which is why that walk things together and it's a silly reason. Just looking for just any reason to talk to you about it

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 Image (34298) image uploaded on 22-04-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Brunswick West VIC, Australia
by The Perfect Pilates Podcast

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Winter is coming, but that's no excuse for being lazy! Boot Camp is going really well...

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 11 months ago
by susanne's channel

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Tags: excuse

Thank you so much. I love you sir. Can I know where check by office. Can you know answer call. Excuse me, are you there. I need some help.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Silent to keep her company. Another night he's out late again. Instead of going eat dinner with us tonight she's been out and say excuse after excuse he's running out of life he's running out of time. Boom closed another door mashed those another picture ___ five thousand four hundred seventy five days fight after fight night after night he can barely breathe the same air no oil and water. The cranking of ports ___. Uncomfortable looks that ___ it keep their conscious of their parent and relationship refuse to ___ though just ___ not this time. An army of block and the car is ready and running. Pictures have been half close through all over the bed even.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 12 months ago
by Amber 's channel

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Tags: curtains, excuse, dragon

Why are people are so stupid and make me so mad. So mad I'm gonna a have firing wall curtains cos I don't have to talk behind their back. Once silly asked me if we have dragon I looked at her funny and I'm like no. Do know there's a dragon I thought tubes of ___ she asked me again. How can you call ___. Jane ___ how may I help you. Hi excuse is this ___ no I just leave I'll call back while your call is starting to fade. The ___ is very stressful not ___ stayed or you know ___ has mercy ___. Being the only one who's dealing with all these problems and complete ___ still there.

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