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Broadcast about a year ago
by Lynne's channel

Tags: prime purpose, learning group, digital tools

Topic sixteen the last topic this topics recaps on all the skills and knowledge you had gained in the previous topics and it's prime purpose is to make you aware that you know now quite arrange of digital tools and learning methods to use in your role as a digital champion. It's also presents some guidance about how you can continue developing your skills and knowledge by yourself. We look at ways in which you can sustain and develop a learning group or computer club that you may have started up by forging(?) links with the wider(?) local community. This leads into sections which explains what into ___ into generational activities are and provide you with some examples. As always when you come to start on the test group your topic

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 Image (66465) image uploaded on 21-11-12

How would you like your Twitter profile design to look how I would like my Twitter profile design to look and really is to copy the same feeling that I have on the website what I mean by that is with regards to the different images and the colors and different patterns that are used on the website itself ___ continue throughout my social media tools my profile will give information about me and all the images of this little ___ picture of myself and together personal touch what I'm hoping to achieve from Twitter is too find new contacts and all sort of ___ and this was something about I made a ___ in my overall aims so I want to follow sales people managers and directors and really use Twitter to find out most questions about what their challenges and training needs are with regards to Branbill(?).

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hi this is my very first phone cast and I wanted to talk about iPadio(?). I think it's a interesting tool I I didn't even know it existed before I saw it on the website and I think would be interesting you know to use in a variety of ways in the classroom. I think you could have students calling as a character something from a novel or short story story and talk to call in a different time with some other character that they were having a conversation back and forth. I think it's unique tool that would just take some fine tuning and getting use to it doesn't seem all that different from something like a podcast where you can you know upload a link or whatever to to something you're speaking about. I think also quick cos an interesting tool I could see my students in broadcast journalism using quick as a way to you know we're using that you need to.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hi my name is Jocelyn Row and this is my very first Ipadio(?) Pod cast I guess. And integrating with this I've actually thought of a couple different ways I could use in my classroom. First and foremost I thought it would be really really excited in regards to my learning support classroom. I have a lot of students who aren't comfortable speaking a lot of students who have problems with motor skills in writing out answers and I think this will be a really great tool to use since a lot of my students do have cell phones. I can post a question and the students could respond and they can just talk with whatever those spots are it's really I need because I could get on the internet and look at all the different answer. And I think that would take a lot of pressure off of them having to normally intern classes having to write out an answer which a lot.

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 Image (240102) image uploaded on 15-11-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Japan, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Kita Ward, Nakanoshima, 1??3-20
by iSucceed Podcasts

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Tags: iSucceed, Adrian Shepherd, success

Success Author Adrian Shepherd talks about the importance of choosing the right tools in the pursuit of success. Find Adrian Shepherd on the web: http://www.isucceedbook.com Subscribe to iSucceed on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/isucceedbook

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 Image (239958) image uploaded on 14-11-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Paradise, NV, USA
by Matthew's channel

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Tags: tinkering, digital citizenship, phonecast

Hey there class this is Matt and greetings from Las Vegas Nevada. It is Wednesday November 14th. I'm in Vegas because of the national writing project conference as well as the NCT(?) the National Council for Teacher at English Conference they are always back to back and it's nice to be outside the Cold runner. You might gather that I'm actually literally phoning this one in and that's what I like you to do this week as part of your tinkering(?) activity like phoning your response to reading so for your individual blog you gonna need to create account with iPadio(?) and follow the simple directions for how to get started. I provide links on our tinkering(?) page as well. For your phone cast please be meditectual(?) that is as your calling in your phone cast consider how such a tool might be utilized in your own classroom with your students to make them more engaged digital citizens. Don't worry about

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago at Montgomery, AL, USA
by Shanthia's phlog

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Tags: share document, communication issue, google

Hello this is Shanthia Washington and I'm here to tell you about an exciting new web 2.0 tool coming to your work place. It is Google docs. Google docs will assist us with making communication issue a thing of the past. Here just a few features we will explore. Calendars. Surveys. Blogs. Text files. Shared documents and the list goes on. You ask when will all of this be available for me to use. The first rollout will be in January. A detail time line will be posted in the next two weeks. So stay tune..

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 Image (62529) image uploaded on 13-10-12

Hey what's up everybody this is Mike o'toole(?) This is the experiment see you. Adios man it's Serge(?) from C L .com(?). So check it out and if you listen to this elsewhere go to go to the website experiment field(?) .com(?) and you listen to on the site(?) you're already you're already at the site and it is Wednesday November seventh two thousand twelve if you can believe it and we just got hit by a a big snow storm in this Boston area where we do our show and what else and present presidential election just concluded of course Obama elected to second term and I think I congratulate My buddy wants(?).

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago
by Eva's channel

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Tags: mobile devices

So Karen it's finally working on my ___ what you have to say about that. I think it's awesome yeah it's pretty cool it's a pretty good tool I think ___. I think it'll be ___. Because they're really supportive of mobile devices absolutely thank you.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Good morning it's John Adams speaking here. I am at River Community College. I am in the class and I am going to ask a couple of students a couple of questions. So I understand that you're been doing some podcasting(?). What was your podcasting(?) experience like ___. It was great. Where you can ask around and ___. Awesome. Did anybody use audacity or any other PC based tools just Mac tools. Ok. Did you have a topic what was your topic for your podcast(?). My topic for my podcast(?) was audio based test on Excel. Alright I've listen to your podcast(?) this morning and Carl cos I know your name alright what was your project that you did your ___. Oh that was the last thing that I put together for one of our network issues then. Was it anything involving podcast(?). No I did not ___ podcast ___.

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