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I'm going to read a loud the five sentences where you had to decide which of the three words would not stress. So number we live there for ten years we live there for ten years. Number two have you seen this film have you seen this film. Number three I don't like mosquitoes and spiders I don't like mosquitoes and spiders. Number four I can look at water but I can't swim in it.

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Broadcast 11 months ago at Peachtree Battle Alliance, Atlanta, GA, USA
by Austin's channel

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Tags: many different things, lifestyle changes, dr cohen

Here is a story of hope with Gordon Graham who has made significant lifestyle changes in the past 4 years. Gordon started care in my office on 2009 and said his energy level was a 5 when it was at its best and let himself get to 205 pounds. Now 4 years later he weighs 165, has an energy level close to a 10, and has completed 2 full marathons and 3 1/2 marathons. Anything is possible of you set goals, surround yourself with the right people, and take massive action.

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Broadcast 11 months ago at Loda, IL, USA
by Jori's channel

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Tags: successful business man, lonely childhood, work focus

Kate Topping was born on February eighth eighteen fifty. She's the daughter of a successful business man and a mother who is a well connected member of the French Community. All five of her siblings died earlier on own in her life so she looks relatively lonely childhood. In eighteen seventy she married Oscar Topping and settled in New Orleans eventually having six children. Kate is known as the rebel who used to smoke cigars and ride horses instead of walk. She was a woman who wasn't going to let the rules of tradition keep her from doing what she wanted. About nine years later Oscar Carter Cotton brokerage failed and they were forced to move to Paris where he die in eighteen eighty two. It became her goal to keep the family store running even though her husband left her a two and fifty thousand dollars in debt. Her mother died a year later plunging Kate into a huge depression. During those time she wrote to publish novels and over a 100 short stories. Most of her fiction with that Louisiana and her best known work focus is on the line to sensitive intelligent women. Her first novel ___

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Ok hi hello. Hello. Hi ok great thanks for taking time to talk to me about this. Sure. So can you just kinda describe your experience working with her and just like knowing her as part of the stuff cos I know she she joined the Parry's team in two thousand nine. She was she became like the head of the Parry's team in two thousand nine. She worked as a faculty member before that teaching sort of our history classes and I don't remember exactly when she joined to be honest she just as a as a faculty member but it's been before that maybe two years from now I think like a decent amount of time. Ok. Hold on a sec let me think of it no she became she became the director the the ___ director which is sort of the lead figure in that campus in 2010. Ok. And then she left the campus in two thousand twelve she did it for two years

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Technology is changing the world. I graduated from high school in nineteen seventy three the only class I took in high school anywhere near technology was a typing class. I learned to type of a manual typewriter. We didn't have electric typewriter that are still ___ fast forward forty years and I'm trying to learn how to podcast on my phone and send it to my computer. I'm taking an online class to learn how cellphones can be used in a classroom really it is amazing how technology changes on a day to day basis. I have an iPhone 4 I don't know how to do half the applications that is offered on this iPhone and to think that my little phone is a drop in the bucket as to all the advance technology out there in our everyday lives. In education medicine ___

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Unbelievably it's silence at the right time is in deed golden. My name is Tommy Taylor. I was fourteen years old I learned how valuable silence can be doing one of the picked of all moments. My dad had given me a double barrel fourteen shotgun for Christmas. He kept me rabbit hunting during the following month we had hunted with the beagles for a while in one location and we're about to drive to another. Dad pulled up his truck and headed to where I was standing waiting to be picked up as I opened the doors his truck to get in I thought about having my safety on and making sure the barrel was pointing down with towards the front hook being as observant as he was he said son take your finger out of the triggers right before you get in

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Broadcast 11 months ago
by Michael's channel

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Tags: seventeen years, hmb, motivations

I saw what are your motivations beyond the decision ___. Would you say ___ or the ability to ___ seventeen years and stuff and ___ university and was doing a HMB(?) for two years. At the end of two years ___. So initially it was ___ extensive opportunities to get there ___ that was more to be able to create ___ to put me ___ and to be able to results from running that ___.

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Playing sports all my normal life I've always been in decent shape(?). Growing up with two brothers one older one younger allowed me to always have a buddy around to toss the baseball throw off the ball or whatever activity in any event. As I reached my teenage years I became more involved and dedicated to team sports weightlifting cardio and conditioning became a way of life for me. My life revolved around the will to succeed ___ senior year I was in an automobile accident. Not wearing a seatbelt my face busted out the windshield causing damage to my face with football season only three months away. I wasn't sure if I be able to play my senior year. I was resilient(?) I made it back in time for season. ___ came to the season I told my ACL in my the football season was over. I felt like nothing is going right for me. But I knew baseball season is only four months away and they gave me help to continue to fight. Two weeks later I had surgery ___ was our first day of baseball practice

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Broadcast 11 months ago at North Wales, PA 19454, USA
by Jake's channel

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Tags: welford, north wales, time thanks

Yeah. Are you spending the ___ or you taking a break from studies. I'm in North Land of the living before I go to Uni in Banga(?). ___ all the time. Thanks a lot for doing this by the way. No. No problem. That will be fine. How long you been in North Welford. Three years ___. Yeah. ___ I got here in July gone by fast but it's been this fun. I mean to go now there I think. Yeah I mean that's really North Wales ___ is a lovely part of the world.

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Yes I believe having been an educator for thirty plus years. I believe that just in the classroom can easily be accomplished if we use students interest as well as their choreography to increase the motivation to learn. So just need to succeed and do well and also need the interaction of my classmates in order for ___ to be a key. Therefore in our daily planning we must have corporate something that we know the student shall be successful there. Self encouraging and be able to speak ___ in to ___ tell students what they need to do to succeed in their course and allow them the differences of their learning ___ another key factor is making sure that the students have omission into that ___ are always get very into it ___ students entry. Another thing and in mostly important matter ___

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