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Growing Older I had a conversation with a colleague this week who was celebrating her thirtieth birthday. She said she wasn’t complaining, but thirty is just such a big number! That had me doing some serious thinking. My big number of the year doubles hers! I will be sixty years old in a few months! Does that bother me? Not even a little bit. My dad had such a healthy view of aging that he passed on to me. He always embraced every birthday as “the biggest one yet”! One of his favorite quotes was, “Birthdays aren’t so bad when you consider the alternative!” He passed away four years ago at age eighty-five, having celebrated nearly sixty-six years of marriage to my mother, and giving his family a wonderful example to follow. I’ve considered the place where I find myself at (almost) age sixty: I’m at a place of learning and growing…in my family, in my career, in my personal life. I’ve been married for 38 ½ years to my best friend, growing more comfortable in the quiet or in the silly moments together. Brave enough to take a few trips out of the country together in the last couple of years. I’m mother to three adult children who now believe that I’m a little smarter than they once thought I was. Now I’m able to be a friend as well as parent, sharing their successes and lending a shoulder (or some money!) when tough times come. I’m grandmother to three of the most wonderful little ones, enjoying rocking them as babes, snuggling with them. But I also love playing ball or tag or swimming with them, reading to them/ with them, trying to play a new video game or two…. Just watching them grow. I’ve switched roles with my mother, providing her care, answering her repeated questions, giving her the unconditional love that she’s always had for her family. I find myself learning daily in my job: from classes, TIS colleagues, teachers, students, readings, and hands-on experience. I feel like there is so much for me to learn and so little time to learn it. A new job and a new challenge was exactly what I needed for this year. I don’t think I’m ready for retirement yet! I try to save a little time for me. I love to read and certainly take advantage of the ebooks from our local library. I listen to audio books on my phone or Kindle, making the most of travel time and chore time. I have a “refresh your French” audio book on hold, but I’m not sure if my brain is really up for that! I try to make time to exercise regularly. I started jogging a few years ago and have completed a few 5Ks. I don’t have a genuine bucket list, but just try to do what my mama says daily and “Take one day at a time”, enjoying every moment of each! I truly believe that life’s not over, till it’s over… and who knows? I may even try a zip line this summer!

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Yep. Yeah I'm just testing this out Andy to see if this works and I'm I need to record a phone call so I can do a interview over the phone so. Oh so you're you're talking through your computer?

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