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 Image (14999) image uploaded on 17-09-12

Bryce I have something that's you find slow. The ___ and the Patrick Cocha(?) sessions that very maybe think about the importance of they using images and presenting security funds really enjoy that. I'm gonna try and do that more about rocks and something that made me think a lot and I think probably be and the general social media. If I seeing the a range of social media that's wanna saying particular particularly and talk this to your office session this morning when he shows all the different types of media that he currently uses it. It's quite more and blank but give me a lot of food for the and something I am going to take away with me. I think the presentation by the first project soon to describe that education.

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 Image (14999) image uploaded on 17-09-12

I think my favorite thing about the EC Conference System the very easy to connect before the conference via crossline and the the inspirational keen(?) of I really like the idea of ___ inquiry Juddan(?) it's really been really inspirational.

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 Image (14999) image uploaded on 17-09-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at 2500 Rd, Independence, KS 67301, USA
by Chrissi's audio reflections and announcements @pgcap

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Tags: ECE11, reflection

___ hey Bob I got some new conference he gets done. He goes home of America's largest wireless network

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 Image (14999) image uploaded on 17-09-12

Hi my name is Sonia Domaschuis(?) and I'm the registered coordinator here at Crowford(?) university also I'm on off the tutors for today's workshop development the reflection on the goal we look trying to make this workshop interesting and interactive and hopefully you will enjoy please keep your mobile ready to fully participate in this workshop thank you

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 Image (85803) image uploaded on 28-06-11

Hull group chairman Clive Skinner spoke about his experiences with the Society, how it has helped people and changed over the years.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Mellinda's phlog

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Tags: ipadio, education, cell phone

This is an interview with myself regarding challenges I faced when my students did a project using a cell phone. I contacted three educators who have used cell phones in class. None had yet responded so in the mean time I decided to reflect on my own experience. The project involved students using ipadio to record broadcasts about climate change and global warming. I faced some challenges. The reflection will focus on the challenges and how I overcame them.

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 Image (84215) image uploaded on 18-06-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Videogames and Sushi

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Tags: video, games, xbox

twitter: vgaspodcast email: videogamesandsushi@zoho.com Part 2 of our three part E3 "reflection series." Microsoft's E3 press conference.

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 Image (35079) image uploaded on 07-05-11

Ok this is another iPadio broadcast. Like this is sort of like at this point be serving sort of a blog slash journal slash audio reflection on events and things and education or technology. I've noticed that many probably have in the field of Education if you've been in a while that would be with the focus on on data driven decision making and best practice professional communities that in my mind it seems like they're all really connected in in as far as the frame or as far as the specifics the key characteristics ___ is a or the characteristics and you look at PDIS.

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 Image (80841) image uploaded on 26-05-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 13523 Broadfording Church Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA
by Lisa's phlog

Tags: bca

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