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 Image (87732) image uploaded on 10-07-11

Seeing the deceased you love Magic tape, dogs, chiropractors, science & WTF?! Husband saving, wife enslaving potpourri!

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 Image (87713) image uploaded on 10-07-11

News stories Best proof of Bigfoot since Patterson-Gimlin footage? Head to France in 2012! Psychic sheep, or ASBO mutton?

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Broadcast 2 years ago at 6000-6174 Mapleview Ln, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA
by Austen's phlog

Grand Marshal for the Ypsilanti Independence Day Parade is Al Ford, a Korean War veteran who lived in Ypsilanti for many years. Hear his interview with Heritage Media.

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Good afternoon this is your pilot Captain RT(?) Facks(?). And I'd like to welcome you to our Art Around the World Site. We will be flying to the 7 continent on this trip and you will have the opportunity to examine the art and culture of each country that we visit. I hope you will enjoy learning about the way artist express themselves in many different ways. So make yourself comfortable make sure you're sit back and 3 table are in there upright and lock position and prepare for take off and

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 Image (82759) image uploaded on 09-06-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 53 Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1A 2, UK
by James O'Malley: From Your Own Correspondent

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Tags: singer song writer, richard marsh, showcase performance

Hello, we're here with Sam Hodges. We play with David Cameron in a new musical Connects(?) which is just it's play in London state and ___ with showcase performance having come all the way from Stafford(?). I don't know stuff we just finished up and it was absolutely incredible it was amazing it's brilliant. How did it ___ started. So well it's actually it's been a project in development for about 6 months. It started at the state of 503 in ___ the 20 minute feast by what brilliant writer Richard Marsh is actually a performing poet and he teams up with a kind of hip hop singer song writer by the name of Rouge(?) Blue Bird and they were commission to just do what coalition feast a request to the government at the coalition themselves. That was about 20 minutes away and then high tide company the Iram(?) commission the full length version of the musical. So over the last probably 3 4 months we've been developed with madly writing songs I mean anyone

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Stacey's phlog - phlog (29340) image uploaded on 15-Jul-10

Monday, March 14th 2011. The travel is worth the time by the way that's a very good song. If I could only shut the spinning off the spinning that keeps on in my head chances. I believe in taking them. Risk I believe in taking those too. With easy disappointment I have began to give up on these necessary ingredients in the quest for happiness what happened to me. The scared scar me as I in the bubble of protection around myself look but don't touch because if you do I might crumble and fall the pieces right there. Freedom. Is the feel of a Chris Marsh breeze piercing through my hair on the boardwalk in New Jersey. It's the warm raise of the sun beating through the passenger seat of the Nissan and lending on my skin. It's the constant motion of the gravel on the side of the road waiting by with the reality that there is and I'm here. Pleasure I'm getting lost in a good song. It's sweet

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Hi my name is Sosta(?) Maria and I'm ___. The Marshman Island are group of 15 islands situated just off the south coast of Island. The main Heimei(?) has a population of about 5000. No ___ island ___ and this one and the island is simply busting with life. Here there are some truly spectacular site. The island is have made a living from the sea from the days of the first year Atlas(?) the perfect natural harbor and Town Crest built with multitude ___ in this communities prosperity. At 2am on the night of January 23rd 1973 a massive eruption begun in the eastern part of Heimei(?). Almost all of the 5000 and ___ was safely evacuated to the main land. Eruption lasted for 5 months and cost extensive damage to the town ___ houses.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Elm St, Wright City, MO 63390, USA
by Righteous Indignation

Tags: skeptics society, michael marshall, hayley

Psychic and 'cold case investigator' Vicki Monroe talks to Hayley and Marsh and gives them a psychic reading.

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Eddie Marathon's phlog - phlog (31103) image uploaded on 18-Sep-10
Broadcast 2 years ago at 121-145 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
by Eddie Marathon: Unclassified

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Tags: Running, Training, Mojo Loco

Hey everybody this Eddie Marathon. it's Sunday May 15th and I am driving from Chicago back to my home in suburban Detroit and I'm right now near the town of Marshall Michigan it's kind of a center of the state here. I'm at I 94 heading east here and it's a bit of a a rainy drive it's been pretty much raining in Chicago and Detroit on Saturday and Sunday this is a real quick trip. I came out yesterday morning early in the morning through Chicago with Jason my nephew for for a communion so that was a lot of fun to go to see him and that ceremony yesterday and then my sister had a real big party on Saturday afternoon. She was worried about raining in the party because how Doris(?) ___ sheds(?) up and the entirety of her backyard basically a petting zoo. She had

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