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Broadcast about a year ago at Madrid, Spain
by JO's channel

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Tags: madrid airport, information point, spanish people

We just arrived at Madrid Airport and the sun is absolutely glorious with the ___ and the students are very excited. The flight was good and it must be a funny shumble(?) they got track with this local Spanish people so we just walking ___ go through to the pest control and catch the bus outside of the hotel and two students Allie and Amber have the job go and going to the information bureau and checking out the buses and we have to take and to other ___ the information point and it's in local map results so where we got back when we're on the bus. Bye.

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 Image (50283) image uploaded on 17-05-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Morgan Rossiter's channel

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Tags: west coast

So ___ explore and then walking up to I don't know to the, the West Coast or whatever well it's just

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Grand Forks, ND, USA
by TheDailyExcrement

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Tags: grand forks north dakota, punk ass, blue tooth

Hey everybody, this is Ross this is the daily experiment I am ___ from the street of Grand Forks North Dakota. And if breathing little ___ cos I'm walking at my headset on here on a blue tooth and sort down with my one mile walk and I think you know I don't punk ass in a long time. So I should fire up field channel and just a few happens again I really don't have anything to say and I'm actually going up the hill right now. So I ___ later sorry apologize trying to walk out some of the facts yeah I was nearing the top also I just thought I'd give you a observe

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago
by Spencer's phlog

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Tags: skull, dad

Hello Shifa(?), it's ___ again. Just about try to eat and to kill my ___. In this chapter Kevin Skull are awake to snow the next day there's ever since you know before the dad want you to see it is very cold and ___ serving this cold since like 1875 75 and so he's in there and there they are ___ like wasted even though she's ___ like eating ___ so and then they're trying to ___ wasted just know technically so there just walking

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 Image (42525) image uploaded on 29-12-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Rutland, KS, USA
by Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Tags: walking down the street, eye contact, interesting things

Hi this is Randall(?). I want to talk today about eye contact and the importance of eye contact to here where I live in the United States. One of the interesting things that I noticed that eye contact is not the same from place to place even within the same country. In other words if you're walking down the street and you see someone coming towards you in your country. Do you actually look at the person in the eye perhaps say hello or do your eyes kinda look away. From many of my students who come from different countries they're surprised that the fact that where we live people tend to be quite open pretty friendly in other words you might be walking down the street and you establish eye contact with the person and say hello. So think about that how is eye contact different from place to place around the world and this could be an interesting steady in culture.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Resolve the drug test for all welfare recipient should be mandatory. Contention one not ___ use the money properly. Citation citation 1 RJ's law June 28 by Dasel(?) Wegel(?) 16 16 years ago RJ Seal was going to a heroin addict welfare upon in Southern California. Brought into this one under way ___ he has couple of walking has that eye sight which makes him ___. The young man was ___ unhealthy because his welfare mother was not using that she was getting properly she was finding ways to buy illegal drugs such as heroin and other things to see have and basically ___ the government ___ so addiction be supported by the government citation RJ RJ's law June 28 by Dasel(?) Wegel(?) the people the people in this in this program which was talked about in his article is ___.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Should we start. Yeah yeah. Ok. My name is Desert(?) Cocoa(?). I'm from Poland and I'm really happy that I'm a part of Connecting Cartgroup(?). I'm going to tell you something about this day. So actually this was the last part of our trekking getting opens. We visited a traditional Amanni(?) Village and I would like to summarize what happened so far because because it was the last day we all had kind of and experience about it both we were sad because it is about to end and me personally I was really happy because I no longer was walking with strangers and friends from abroad but with my new very, very close friends

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