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 Image (1148973) image uploaded on 11-12-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Deighton, North Yorkshire DL6, UK
by Motorbike TV

Update from my adventures and thoughts about next week and next year - hope you enjoy #motorbiketv #motorbikeholidaysuk #motorbiketours

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Fresh Fishing news from Newlyn, Cornwall. - phlog (34713) image uploaded on 17-Feb-11

ELIZABETH JACKSON: I'm going to finish this program in the way we started it, with Philip Williams. Only this time the mood is quite different - you could almost say festive. In the UK, the race to the music charts' Christmas number one is almost as highly anticipated as Santa's arrival himself. In the 60 years since the official UK Singles Chart began, the top spot has been claimed by a wide range of artists from The Beatles to The Spice Girls to Pink Floyd. It hasn't been without its controversies, as our Europe correspondent Phil Williams explains. ('Christmas Is All Around', from 'Love Actually' soundtrack plays) PHILIP WILLIAMS: As a pretty ordinary harmonica player and an even worse singer, my dreams of a number one record have receded with my hairline. But someone has to claim that shifting crown, and at Christmas in Britain there's a distinctly un-Christmas-y scramble for number one honours. Remember the movie 'Love Actually'?

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