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 Image (37268) image uploaded on 28-07-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Mr T's iSchool phlog

Tags: poetry, , Legacy

Hi Happy Holidays this is Mr Keeff(?) from Legacy Academy High School in Elizabeth Colorado. And I have one of my fourth grade students Kelsey who is gonna be reading a Holiday Poem. Thank you. All I want for Christmas is a bunch of chairs to celebrate the holidays and a brand new year. I like to have gift under the Christmas tree seen everybody spreading some ___ all the family gathered together to be nice and cheerful to each other. I love Christmas time especially when it goes in a rhyme. Merry Christmas.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Japan, Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima Asaminami Ward Takatorikita 2??27-17
by Anonymous Phlog

Tags: Poetry, Pantoum, Poem

Hiroshima, a pantoum by Bruce V. Bracken

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 Image (108931) image uploaded on 09-11-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Civil Society Forum - AJK

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Tags: Kashmir, AJK, Civil Society

I couldn't miss out this powerful poem recited by Mirza Wajahat Hassan

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Debra's channel

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jungle poem

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 Image (105384) image uploaded on 30-10-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Bury BL9 0QF, UK
by Alexis's channel

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Tags: silent friend, tragic times, rescuer

Hey, it's Alexis Hooper this is my first Ipadio(?) test. Now I like to talk to you about symbolism(?) and how things will mean what they actually say. My passion is poetry so I say a lot of metaphors and like things like that and I focus on how to make ___ like something else. So my first poem is just a free verse it has no title but it goes ___ thing caught life with no troubles on my back. State to my nice those for satisfaction set right through old sleazy run and you can say I'm gone right the wind. Don't call Lassie I don't need a rescuer(?) I need a silent friend. Turn the paper over and you'll see she's in line tell me around and you'll seem to crap behind. Lend me your ear during the tragic times or take his ___. Confusing(?) confusing takes on the taken and blassy(?) range. Bury a flower and use that grave with the rainbow over there.

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 Image (102808) image uploaded on 11-10-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9QZ, UK
by stefsvoice4you Broadcast

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Tags: Fantasy and Fear, gratitude, Buster Bumblebee story

Welcome to number 49 – our 1-year anniversary! We’ve got a guest narrator, Ms. Fiona Thraille, a Gratitude poem, and we start Pt2 of the narrated story for children – Buster Bumblebee. You can also find us in the iTunes store – stefsvoice4you Broadcast. Your iTunes subscriptions /reviews are always appreciated and welcomed. :D -- Blog: http://stefsvoice4ubroadcast.tumblr.com - Email : stefsvoice4ubroadcast at gmail dot com Arts and Crafts page: http://www.facebook.com/BeadedDelightsByStef

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Good evening parents this is Mr Rover(?) with your daily homework update. This evening the scenes(?) you'll be working on a found(?) poem they should have an instruction sheet with them explaining how to create a fine(?) poem and they should also be completing the Brown Bag(?) project which is the poem writing(?) project for our study of native Americans. They will be presenting tomorrow morning so please make sure that they bring all the requirements(?) with them for the presentation. Thank you and have a good night

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Hi this is Kaitlin Fonkren(?) and I'm just calling to tell you what I could use ipadio for and do my high school English classroom. I give you ipadio for classroom discussion where students have to respond to a discussion question. I could use ipadio for students to ___ journal classes instead of writing them they could record their journal. ___ could also use it to recite a poem that they wrote to share creative story. They can use this practically public speaking among many other things. So these are just the few things that I think that ipadio could be used for. I don't really see any negative things with ipadio and I think it's a great tool to get some quick response and provide some feedback for your student. Bye.

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 Image (96867) image uploaded on 09-09-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Sarah's channel

"Poema A Los Espacios" por Jose Marti para la clase de Espanol. Eliana recitio este.

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