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 Image (305441) image uploaded on 05-02-13
Broadcast about a year ago
by Civil Society Forum - AJK

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Tags: ISI, civilians, LOC

Topic: Heart-Patient made to walk 5 kilometres uphill by ISI Participants: 1) Choudary Iqbal 2) Shah Sb. of Broat Gala 3) Raja Khaliq 4) Shakeel Bhatt 5) Shaukat Jarral 6) Myself

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Broadcast about a year ago at The Loop, Chicago, IL, USA
by Tina's channel

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Tags: ed sullivan show, william hayley, william haley

William Hayley is one is the founder of radio and television broadcasting. Hayley is born on September twenty eight nineteen zero one in Chicago Illinois. Haley died on October twenty sixth nineteen ninety from a heart attack. ___ American broadcaster William Haley is the founder of CBS. In nineteen twenty seven he invested himself into a small radio network know a CPBS(?). Which stands for Columbia Pronographic(?) Broadcasting System. In nineteen twenty eight he became president of CBS and ___ CBS. CBS is build into a global communication corporation. He resigned with meetings libraries(?) including Bing Crosby, Bob Herb and John Penny. Haley notable productions include I love Lucy, Mash on the family and Ed Sullivan Show. In nineteen forty seven the CBS network rapidly expanding which also expanded into the interest of television. The expansion.

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 Image (70003) image uploaded on 29-12-12

Welcome to the weekly coming(?). I'll call with our teacher Deborah Deborah Roads(?). I would like to request that everyone needed(?) some cells(?) and tell you want ask a question which is Star six to music(?) and Star six two I mean(?) it's if I pick up a lot of noise I will meet you and I meet(?) you. We're we're only requested everyone give your first name when you want to ask a question. It is January twenty second two thousand thirteen and we're starting at nine zero six I do we have any volunteers for prayer. Ok(?) I will father. I wanna thank you for this opportunity. To learn the common law. I wanna invite you here to be with us and to open our minds and our hearts that we may receive what you have for us to learn tonight please? Thank you. I wanna give you the praise and I'll.

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 Image (296372) image uploaded on 28-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago
by June's channel

Tags: cheer leader, secret keeper, confidant

This is what I believe. I'm supposed to be a teacher. Always was. I am grateful for that midterm D I got in the first year college class. I pretended I wanted to be a pharmacist but knoew then and there if I couldn't pass the college chemistry class I wouldn't do well in pharmacy classes. I decided to follow my heart and went into education. I'm a teacher. One of the most important things I can teach my students is how to think. I want them to able to look at a problem, break it down and put it back in a way that solves it. I think we all want that for our students. I'm more than a teacher, though. I'm a mentor who helps guide my students to think, be creative and grow. I'm a cheer leader. I want my kids to do well in lots of areas. So I encourage and cheer them on every step of the way in their endeavors. I'm a confidant I'm a great secret keeper. My kids trust me. I like that. I am also a surrogate parent. I am fortuntate. I have my students in class for three years. I get to watch them grow and change. They all have a special place in my hear. They know I have their backs. I trust them. This I believe. I am a teacher and so very proud of to be one. Oh, and the D in chemistry ended up as a C. Did I ever regret my decison? Not one time.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Manny's phlog

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Tags: question right, seven years, conversations

We're starting of. Let's start up with this question right here. Is there a message, actually you know what, what inspired you to write this first book? I would say just my life like being not being raise in a Christian Christian family but as a good Christian family my family ___ already it be like seven years and much and even bigger than my family as a lot just do with the world and the way that I see things are going in conversations that myself and my two cousin were also a co authors Mariana Rolani(?), Gilbert Nosario(?) the conversation that we've had and just being as a whole ___ concert(?) with with the world. So it's something that I feel like it needed right now and so now I guess put on my heart so ___ right now.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Tori's channel

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Tags: shanda, safe place, heart

Krovette(?) had a really tough life until Shanda Sean save her and ___ treat(?) as her own child. He thought her how to read and help and all that he really could. The only tough part was finding a safe place to stay whether wouldn't be discovered specially ___ it's really heart breaking that she never got to know her mother ___. I wonder if Shanda Sean will ever take her Krovette(?) tell Krovette(?) about her mother and how she passed away.

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Clearwater, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: christmas tips, oh my goodness, plan trip

Alright Christmas tips. Pardon my throat clearing this is just Norm(?). It is Tuesday at five thirty PM. I am exhausted. Oh my goodness. Seems the week of Christmas always brings about a certain sense of further exhaustion and busyness and anxiety and almost almost have angst but I don't have angst I feel good. I feel happy. My heart is bright and light and I feel happy. I'm just I guess I guess things are just really sipping along and I'm very very busy as as I forecast I will be then. The week of, my plan trip up to the

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 Image (42902) image uploaded on 10-01-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Windsor, VA, USA
by New Branch Community Church

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Tags: New Branch Community

Hey Lauren(?) you are what we're looking for. And we prayed that be our hearts desire Lord be with us today is Darryl comes(?) to bring us your word or help us to hear from you. I believe God with all my heart. You wanna speak to us. So God help us to be able to hear you and we thank you for all that you do for you receive all the owner and glory and praise to the internet Darryl Palmer to welcome Darryl if you calling. It's ok(?) before he comes. I just wanna say this. We like to welcome. Those(?) are joining(?) us on line and by phone. We have several people in the hospital or join us. That way we welcome you guys were praying for you and Darryl is on my life long friend of our family. He's been doing ms(?). Sherry work for thirty something years with new transmission and I believe he is a message for.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Camilla, GA, USA
by Cameron's phlog

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Tags: camilla georgia, family heritage, mcmann

Odessa M Mcmann was born on October 29th 1928. This currently makes her 84 years old. She is currently a widow living alone in a house that was built by her husband 52 years ago. Odessa was born in Camilla Georgia in Mitchell County. Odessa was unsure of the exact time of her family's arrival to America but she does know that the heart lease were early pioneer. Odessa knows that the Hartley arrive before the civil war because her grandmother was born in the United States in 1868. Odessa stated her family has stayed in Georgia since their migration over. Ms McMann new little on her family heritage. She just stated that she was a English Scottish decent. Odessa is memories have her parents are interesting. She has no.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hello today's pod cast will give you some tips on how to be a good listener. First of all recognize that listening has to get learned if you teach children to speak and adult to speak in public. But we don't teach listening. So it's hardly surprising that most of us are not really good at it. Next appreciate that listening takes time. As you began to have a conversation sitting on if possible while listening. Compose yourself basically. Don't waste your voice around each other across your arm but instead appear listen open. If possible compose a space basically. Try to have a quiet welcoming space. Now listen with an open mind and an open heart. Free your pre conceptions(?) and prejudice(?)

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