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Broadcast 10 months ago at Caulfield North VIC 3161, Australia
by Sarah's channel

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Tags: role of a teacher, last thirty years

Pilot interview

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 Image (482360) image uploaded on 04-06-13
Broadcast 10 months ago at Prattsburgh, NY, USA
by Winnie's channel

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Dave Schenck, at 57 years old, talks about what his upcoming solo journey from Banff, Canada to the Mexico border on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route means for him, his rural community and Mercy Flight Central.

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Hello this is Nick and Kelsey here in Internet webpage. We are working on our websites trying to finish them up before the end of the school year. We're hoping to get a hundred percent on our websites. Kelsey deserves a hundred percent on her website. She has but blogs what appears on this website and is were now crying because she's not sure whether or not she gonna finish or not. It has to be thirty seconds so this one second. She she's awesome she she's wearing a pink dress with daisies on it a purple daisies orange daisies and pink daisies. She got teachers award today and that she have colored hair and yeah she she's a great person so I'm gonna end this phone call now.

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Ok ___ the name of the ___ a couple sits on a after fifty seven years without power. It's about ___ yeah. It's about a couple who who swap candles for light bulbs after fifty seven years. The name of them was Pack(?) Ting(?) who was seventy four years old and Margaret who was a seventy three years old. They live in a penthouse with no electricity. Their children left years ago.

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Broadcast 10 months ago at Grong, Norway
by Hans Jakob's channel

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Tags: ministry work, dance school, eleven years

Hi my name is Ron Savintis(?). I'm thirty five years old. I live in Norway with my wife and we have been doing ministry work and dance school work from two thousand two so like ten eleven years now and so we have we connect to Wawem(?). We've been connected to Morning Star and but we have never had

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Broadcast 10 months ago at Ferndale WA, Australia
by Dee's channel

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Tags: fifteen years, irma, sheffield

Hi guys hi Danny and Mel it's Irma here me and Dee. We just want to wish you congratulations guys. Jethro's asked us to to record your message thing cos we can't be there which we are sorry that we can't be there and just to ___ follow Jethro so we we thought we give it in and leave a message for you. Anyway so I've known Jamie for about fifteen years now which come to think of it it's far too long and I see to remember Jamie remember we leave in Sheffield we used and try and leave every couple of yeah and I think about twenty leaving already so I think we went to Leeds and then Glasgow and then Canada and then each time we kept coming back so I figured to take manage to my own hands and get far away as possible hands from the other side of the world and I am now coming to your wedding you twat. Anyway we ___. Thanks much easier kind words well I've known Jamie for

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 Image (456304) image uploaded on 23-05-13

English world class pro wrestler Doug Williams has wrestled all around the world for more than 20 years. Here some of his tales in this half hour special!

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Broadcast 11 months ago
by Lindsay's channel

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Tags: mom mommy, word mom, tiny mouse

This I believe by Lindsay Smalls. Mom what does that mean exactly. Is it simply a name for a woman who bore you or someone who ___ comforts you when you're sad. Is it the name of the woman that kisses all the bruises and make sure you eat your vegetables or is it more. Mom simply a word the children were very early intend to use when they can't think of anything else to say or when they're scared or need help. You hear all different versions depending on the age of the children yelling it or where they're located on the globe. Mom mommy mama madre(?) ma. All have the same meaning to the tiny mouse that yelled at for so many years. You have a word that has become a large part of my everyday for the past five years. Now for some like myself hearing a word mom over and over again

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I believe that technology has changed how we educate and need to educate our future students. That's only been recently that technology has started to play a large role in the way our students learn. It was just twelve years ago that students were going to the library to do research papers. Nowadays Google is the household link. My boys are being raised in the area era of technology. I was in college when we converted from Word process Word Processors to computers. My son is four he does his pre K homework by cutting and pasting pictures from Google search. I do not believe the educator should be replaced by technology however educators should enhance their lessons to technology. I found that many peers in my building have a difficult time incorporating technology into their daily lessons. If only they would try they would realize the students no more than us and that the students would love to assist with the technology. I'm a firm believer in continuing.

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 Image (446743) image uploaded on 20-05-13

Cary Caroline Reece Matt

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