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 Image (31915) image uploaded on 28-08-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by nabila's phlog

Tags: guide dogs, disabled customers, chairs

Hi I'm going to describe three different types of customers and their describe their needs and expectations. The three customers I have chosen are disabled customer blind customers and deaf customers. Disabled customers would need space so that they can move their chair around their expectations would be the is the one to get them the same downs(?) from chairs that they can't reach. Blind customers need someone to guide them around the shop their expectations would be that the allowed to bring their guide dogs in the store on that they could see the products. Deaf customers would need you to take slowly so they can need you lift(?). Their expectations would be that the all those ___ and signs of about the products and sales.

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Emily's phlog - phlog (32107) image uploaded on 18-Oct-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Lagro, IN, USA
by Emily's phlog

Tags: lab retriever, lagro, o brien

Paula, this is Emily Winn. I wanna be like a basketball playing Lagro(?) with that that girl of mine. I wanna go back to my hometown in the Vietnam. I wanna where where they sell this dogs for every meal maybe even a static cat or something like that but let's just pick. I live in ___ to eat just fed me the rest just fed their lost inside but this my favorite animal to eat is the black Lab retriever instead of Lincoln Collie. I like the darker meats but that just me. Hold it, yes oh please stop Mike O'Brien ___

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Megan's phlog

Tags: animal caretaker, dogs up for adoption, stanhope

Hi, I'm Megan Stanhope. My career plan is to go to college and work at the Humane Society as an animal caretaker for like dogs up for adoption or like whatever animal surviving abuse and I'm not really sure what else to say so I'm Megan Stanhope. Have a nice day.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at 4, LA, USA
by Margaret's phlog

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Tags: dogs and cats, little baby, little girl

I was living in North Carolina. Have a little baby and I didn't know what to do. I was upset from my family and I wanted to come down and help. My sister have 20 people living with her. MJ Martinville who become a friend of their ___ loan(?). They come to leave with her for a while with all their dogs and cats and children and everything. They've stayed there for 6 weeks been long here just kinda like and my mother who's a very up beat person was very upset about this because you know it was very bad living in after that surgery. So that what can I do from North Carolina to help to help my family and to be more connected to Louisiana cos I can't go there all the time. So I've decided to start a project go down to Louisiana every once and a while and photograph the landscape there so that I would have a record of what they look like so that I could tell my little girl who is

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Cdogstar 's phlog - phlog (8267) image uploaded on 04-Sep-09
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Cdogstar 's phlog

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Tags: Cdogstar

Cdogstar Uci

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Mike's ipadio Phlog - channel image uploaded on 16-Aug-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Camden, London N1 0LW, UK
by One Man and his Guide Dog

Tags: jubilee line, baker street, last tuesday

The past 4 days since the last phlog have been very interesting indeed. After the Trauma of the journey last Tuesday with me and Izzy stuck on the tube for 3 hours Wednesday was fairly straight forward with us going via district and the dreaded Hammersmith line again up to Kings Cross. Thursday saw us doing a completely new route to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists at Baker Street. We managed the stairs at West Ham sation onto the Jubillee line which run up between the escalators and then at Baker Street found there was no stairway up! I learned how to pick Izzy up in my arms and she lay there like the queen of sheebah with her head lolling on my shoulder. It was disconcerting feeling for the escalator with my feet instead of a stick and not being able to hold the hand rail was also a bit scarey! They are looking to change the byelaws where dogs have to be carried on escalators - yes I know the old joke about waiting at the top of an escalator for hours until a dog comes along! But until that happens we have to carry them. once the change happens I expect I will be trained how to get Izzy on and off the escalator without a problem! Most days from now on are likely to be pretty similar so I propose to record my phlogs weekly and if anyone wants to email me please do at m.brace@vision2020uk.org.uk next week I have trips every day to London, a trip to the Olympic and Paralympic site, An event on the London Eye and finishing the week with a boat trip and lunch on the thames I'll let you know how I and Izzy cope next week.

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 Image (29275) image uploaded on 14-11-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at Calhoun, MI, USA, US
by Running the Golden Years

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Marathon training, mad dogs, and aggressive drivers.

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Eddie Marathon's phlog - phlog (31103) image uploaded on 18-Sep-10

Hey to Everybody, it's Eddie Marathon. Hey it is Thursday, Thursday night Thursday the 23rd of September. I'm in the car right now and I'm heading down to the Wood Word Avenue Missouri. I wanna have some time with Bruce with sometime with friends and my buddy dirt Doug, Mike Cohai(?) and Kevin Green I'm just finished. We're gonna go and have some fun sample of beers and just find Michael Burry and cargo load for a weekend long run. Have some good time. I tell you I'm ready for some good beer to my or some good cheer been one hell of a week then I'll be true with you too. It kinda be later today like I said pretty crazy at work whatever you work. That's been really crazy with me and I I tell you it's just me. I'm telling you the dogs will bite me but all we did was bite back and we kept fighting and things are getting better and

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Mike's ipadio Phlog - channel image uploaded on 16-Aug-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by One Man and his Guide Dog

One Man and his Guide Dog - Episode 14. Today's work with Izzy has again been spectacular with she and I undertaking a route from Canary Warf Station to the London 2012 offices that neither of us had ever been over before. Getting her to spend was also an issue and we found a dog pit but Izzy was not that impressed with it and wouldn't go! Krissie even got into the pit ()a picture which I took of her is coming - not bad for a totally blind photographer even though I do say myself) but still Izzy wouldn't perform. Krissie definitely went that extra mile! we used lifts for the first time and found central stairways and talked a bit about dogs being carried on escalators!

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Mike's ipadio Phlog - channel image uploaded on 16-Aug-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Elm Park, Staten Island, NY, USA
by One Man and his Guide Dog

Tags: public transports, difficult crossing, elm park

I think the key words from today's training with Izzy, are public transport, dogs being dogs and socialization and perhaps jealousy! This morning we did the first part of training on public transport and that went really smoothly. We walked to the local station at Elm Park and she did that almost perfectly. I mean really difficult crossings fiding areas to cross etc. she found the gate. First time instead of vearing over to the shops! Superb! Down to the front of the train and then the process is when the train comes in you tell the dog to find the doors. Izzy came up to the door, paused on the brink of the tube step so you can locate the step and go in. She then found a seat which is no mean feat at the best of times!

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