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Hi this is Leanne Swan. Very excited for my first phone Kath. It's been a while to get and up Nerel(?) to do this. But I think this application could be very useful and at ___ Barning(?) ___. By allowing the students to explore different possibilities of using the web. I think it could be good for auditorium Les for those who don't copy their homework correctly. They could go back and check the assignment online through listening. If it could be a great toll for language teacher. Could tell straight a pronunciation of words and students could repeatedly listen to that at home at their own pace. And finally to add a personal note to messages that maybe send home. So sometimes like to hear from their teachers might be a MIT agree idea. So thanks so much. Bye bye.

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Broadcast 9 months ago at El Acebrón, Cuenca, Spain
by Ihemi 's channel

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Tags: spanish class, language teacher, class students

Hello my name is Igemi(?) Fernandez Aza. For your language teacher I am positive that I can use a video as a ___ this learning. It is the good way to grade the student on this speaking ability and leaders show them the aspects that they need to improve on speaking. In my Spanish class students could benefit from ___ since is that good way of practicing and developing speaking skills. I can listen to my student's topics and make comment that will improve their ability to speak in the ___ language. ___ is also allow me to listen closely to student's pronunciation and definitely it will be lessen ___ for them since it's more casual. ___ clearly support teaching and learning goals as part of ___ learning.

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Broadcast 9 months ago at Baldwin, AL, USA
by Kim's channel

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Tags: education

I believe that all students can work anything today put their names too as teachers we have to encourage them to learn new things and challenges them to the fullest we have the understanding that weaknesses are built upon those weaknesses we have to make education and learn experience one that they will never forget and will ___ themselves to do all that they can throughout their school life.

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Hi ___ this week's assignment to use innovative technology to better reach students at their point of need. I decided I was going to try to use ipadio. I'm thinking about a ___ I had in my 3rd period class his name's Nick. Nick is blind. Using ipadio I could've better reached Nick at his point of needs. He would've been able to listen to things that I narrated as many times as he would have liked listened on his time listened with his headphones on in the classroom and it would've ___ ipadio ___ the ability to narrate with a better met Nick at his point of need and ___ learning much more meaningful and allowed him to engage in a lesson at a different level. Plus it would have cut down on the distractions ___

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Broadcast 9 months ago
by Louis's channel

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Tags: transcripts

This is a test of the ipadio system. So easy to access I do think there are probably easier formats and programs that I could use to do this same path but the dial in is interesting for ___ students would be interested in it. I find that the potential for doing interviews this way and having them recorded between 2 people would would definitely be useful I think that maybe assignments that would require interviews or transcripts of interviews would be easier to facilitate you on a program like this. So it's definitely something interesting and I will keep it in mind as I continue forward in working to create a ___ class room

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Broadcast 9 months ago at Annandale, VA, USA
by Maureen's channel

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Tags: fluid fashion, period class, 3rd period

___ about the assignment for this week. I thought about a student of mine named Nick. He was in my 3rd period class and he was blind. He was 1 of 3 students he and his 2 brothers triplets all blind. 1 was on my team and 2 was 2 were on the other team. Using ipadio I could've reached him at his point of need in a much more fluid fashion. I learned as I I went along with Nick but using some of these functions in this session his learning would have been much more enriched and he would've been able to listen to things more than once and to really engage with the material in a much more meaningful way then he was able to. He worked with the a fabulous ___

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Thinking about what happens online. As I was reading and watching the video I thought about a student I had a year ago who was one of the best students I had but also the most reluctant. The student was a little bit older and this was her first time having anything to do with online learning so she was a bit hesitant to call me to say that she was having issues. So what she did do is she figured out how to use the message function in the classroom and she sent me a message and explained to me that this was her first experience with learning online and that she simply did not understand how to use the tools and it wasn't her lack of of knowledge that would keep her from completing the course it was just a lack of technology skills.

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 Image (522721) image uploaded on 24-06-13

The NEC crew enjoy dinner and each other's company following a very special concert. We, along with the CR National Youth Orchestra, performed at our best for a large and appreciative audience that included young patients from the local children's hospital. It would haved warmed your heart to see the NEC students interact with these youngsters at the concert's conclusion.

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For me to be in an effective teacher. I believe I need to laugh laugh laugh and then laugh some more. Authorization is not one to trade in to lightly. Ours is not a profession for those who think our work here in today our students play for summer vacation. Ours is a profession which is literally a never ending job if you want to do an outstanding one in the classroom which is outstanding job of course comes exhaustion and so much frustration. This is a job that cannot know whatever they want in which the day flows smoothly. How can it be when you're confronted on a daily basis with over one hundred personality ages twelve to thirteen not to mention those other been throughout the school. This is why laughter is so important. What better way than to deal with the stressful day. Kurt Bonnie just said laughter and tears are best responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh since there's less cleaning up to do after work. I concur with him.

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Broadcast 10 months ago
by Kay's channel

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Tags: snipet, sherry, poem

Hi Sherry. I am so excited that you're already thinking of ways to use podcast at the classroom until trying to figure out how to use them for myself and just figure out how they work. One thing I thought is I would love to do would be to read aloud a snipet(?) of tax from the books I review because often hearing just a piece of it read aloud is enough to hook my students into reading it. And also want to get my students creating their own podcast given voice to their own writing than of just typing their poem into their blog. They could create a podcast and read it to the world

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