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 Image (72117) image uploaded on 18-01-13

England ___ golf club in York will host the ladies European team championship this summer and this display outstanding golf will be open to all. Spectators are welcome and admission will be free when England golf starts fix for the gold in the European ladies team championship from the sixth to the 13th of July. The home side will take on the challenge of teams from the best woman players in twenty countries.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Kim's phlog

Tags: squirrel, elf, rope

Hello, you may not know me. But I am Jenny I'm Rabitton(?) and you may not believe it but I am because I am one. And so there's this day the one in the future and I was polishing my ___ on Easter and this ___ elf(?) come by come over behind me and say hey give us your gold and I said no. So ___ to the tree and took my gold away. So I tried to bite myself off of the rope but it didn't. They got away on magical flying cart(?) and they ate one magical ___. So I had to follow them I had to ask a squirrel to chew it off for me so I followed their cloud and my magical pop car and when they when they stops to get gas for their magical

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 Image (270986) image uploaded on 09-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Center City East, Philadelphia, PA, USA
by Philly News

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Tags: Goldman Sachs 10k Businesses, Jessica Johnson

I interviewed Jessica Johnson about her experience with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. They are bringing the program to Philadelphia investing $20 million.

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 Image (256505) image uploaded on 12-12-12

Cal & Warren (DimeMag) talks Knicks v Nets. The Lakers slow start, cause for concern. Golden State Warriors have come out to Play and this week's relevant games.

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The book the book The last lecture is about a guy named Randy Fox and it talks about his life and how we found out he had found out his pink radican(?) barely in 6 months or less and he is Natasha at Carnegie Mellon University and the last lecture he talks about like when is the Thomas Smith and Gold he's had in life and what he wants for his kids and most of all what he wants some his kids to know that he loved them a lot and he's going to he's plan to making videos for them and what in it what he wants his wife to accomplish until never give up and he's going to just really talk about how he didn't just give up on what he wanted in his life and kept going and have fun and tell his that and so yeah I recommend this

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 Image (67787) image uploaded on 03-12-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Tracy's channel

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Tags: golden treasury, snow ball, ear infection

This I believe(?) by Tracy Mommy(?) I believe that my mother is still in Golden treasury Worthy of love. Even though she has Alzheimer's disease and I'll be in the year. Two thousand. My mother(?) was seventy years old. She's(?) been repeat yourself for some time and we started noticing that she couldn't remember things I will never forget the morning. She called to ask me how to make double bag(?). My mother was the most remarkable cook she can make anything else(?) done that she was asking me how to make this simple appetizer and one day she was babysitting my son. He was on antibiotics for her ear infection. She couldn't remember to give him his medicine. So I wrote down the time and the dosage she forgot what I wrote down and she gave him too much medicine from then(?) on it was like a snow ball she couldn't remember to take her medicine this.

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 Image (240201) image uploaded on 15-11-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by BHA Xtra

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Phil Smith, BHA Head of Handicapping, talks about the weights and the potential winners of the Hennessy Gold Cup. Including a look back at last year's winner, Carruthers, and twice-winner, Denman.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Pranav's phlog

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Tags: gold time

The person you have called has put you on hold. You can wait or call again later. Just ___ I mean I was pretty much done with my feedback. ___ what about this gold things you have ___ does affect and the gold time insuring bluntly(?) that I want to go in and as you contacting ___ contact info. ___ now if you'd rather not we have rustic scenario ___ running man ___ I am asked you to why because like that and I haven't interacted with people ___ in 3 or 4 years of their time in that company ___ if you could let me know like that. Yeah so ___ back fire me on this thing. Go out and find that. I know it.

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What that season fall. Brown leaf start to fall. Brown leaf start to fall. Golden leaf start to fall. Orange leaf start to fall. Yellow leaf start to fall after all it's fall.

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