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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 2 months ago at Stroitelnyy rayon, Yakutsk, Sakha, Russia
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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Hello Paul we're in the tiny town of Ritham(?) on the banks of the River Lena and it's about a 1000 kilometres of or more from south of Yakutsk and perhaps a 1000 kilometres or more from north of Lake ___. It really is kind of the definition of the middle of nowhere in the middle of Siberia. But it's quite a lively little town considering how far it is from anywhere and we came into town not knowing where we were gonna stay but we asked around and then we went into a shop and we asked then a taxi driver who was passing by and wanted to look at the Defender he said oh well I'll show you where the hotel in town is and he brought us to a tiny little hotel and so we've booked in cos it's the only place to stay here and it turns out that it's where everyone comes to have a party and it's Friday night in Ritham(?) so there's 2 parties going on here tonight so.

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 Image (76436) image uploaded on 23-02-13
Broadcast 2 months ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Course Announcements

Tags: Welcome, discussion board, assignments

Hello Everyone! Welcome to ADE 500: Introduction to Adult Education. I’m Andrea Nikischer, your instructor for this course, and I am super excited to have the opportunity to work with you all this semester. If you haven’t done so yet please take a careful look at all the documents on the Blackboard website for the course. You should read everything that is available in the Course Information folder, as well as all of the assignments and documents in the Week #1 folder. There are several assignments due this week. The first one is to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates. We do have a discussion board available in the Week #1 for you to make your introductions. Please make sure to read all the introductions of your peers and send a nice note to say hello. In addition, you have a Personal Journal entry due on Saturday, which is really a reflection of what you hope to get out of this course. You also have a computer data back-up plan due. I just want to make sure that you thought through how you’re going to save your work and what you’re going to do if you have any computer or internet problems throughout the semester. Lastly, you have a Syllabus Review Quiz due. I want to make sure you careful study the syllabus for the course and that you understand what is expected of you throughout the semester. On our Blackboard course site is an “Ask the Instructor” discussion board. Please post any questions that you have on that board. I promise I will get back to you within 24hours, but in most cases I get back to you within an hour or two. There are no bad questions, so please feel free to use that discussion board throughout the semester. You can also email me private questions directly using the “send mail” function on our Blackboard course site. I am very excited to get into the content of the course, which will begin next week. Please be sure to review the Assignment Calendar and the Reading Calendar. You do have a reading assignment due for next week and next week we will be starting our formal discussion board about the material we read for class. This Friday at 8am the discussion board for next week will open up on the Week #2 discussion board. You can review the question and work on your first post response over the weekend or on Friday or on Monday. You can post at any time between Friday 8am and Monday 2pm. Monday at 2pm our follow up discussion begins. I will post additional follow up questions and instructions and that discussion will be open from 2pm Monday until 10pm Wednesday. Please plan to log-on to that discussion board several times throughout the open discussion period. I hope you all are having a wonderful first week! I will continue to post announcements throughout the week and I will be available to ask answer questions at any time via “Ask the Instructor” discussion board or through my email. I also have office hours every week on Tuesday 8am-9am and Wednesday 8am-12pm. You can call me during this time or stop in for a visit, and if those times are not good for you can also email me and I will be happy to arrange an alternative time to meet. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you need help anything in the course throughout the semester. I am really looking forward to working with you all I hope you have a great rest of the first week of classes and a wonderful weekend. This is our first I-padio recording. Please look for one every week through the semester. Thanks and take care!

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 Image (66577) image uploaded on 28-10-13
Broadcast 2 months ago at Dinton, Wiltshire SP3, UK
by The Online Learning Podcast

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Tags: Online Learning Podcast, OLP, jbdcolley

Len Smith, Freelance Copywriter and Communications Consultant discusses his range of Udemy Courses and in particular, his SEO expertise with his Google Boost Course! In this Episode I have a great Interview with Len Smith, Freelance Copywriter and Communications Consultant You can find all the Podcast Episodes in iTunes by following this link: http://jbdcolley.com/OLPiTunes or listen to this episode in the player at the top of this post. In this Week’s Episode: Interview: Len Smith Spotlight Course: Google Boost your Startup – How I got 1000 Visitors a Day – $90 – Buy this Course for only $27 by clicking on this link. LS Google Boost Discount Code: OLPLS Category: Business Udemy Course Link: https://www.udemy.com/search-engine-optimization-made-easy Other Udemy Courses: Create a Website in Six Hours – Guaranteed – $60 LS Create a Website in Six Hours Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups – $180 LS Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups Copywriting 101 – Start Making Money from Home - $90 LS Copywriting 101 PITCH PERFECT – Powerful Presentation Skills for Startups – $124 LS Pitch Perfect How to Master PR for Startups – $124 LS How to master PR for Startups Copyright Basics – How to Protect your Work from Piracy - FREE LS Copyright Basics Contact Details: You can find out more about Len at his website www.copywriting-on-demand.com or search for “Udemy Len Smith” Marketing Tip of the Week: In this week’s marketing tip, I explain how you can use Hootsuite – www.hootsuite.com – to schedule your promotional messages to your connections on up to five social media accounts for free Free Course of the Week: This week’s Free Course recommendation is “Pitch for Success: Free Online Webinar” by Eric Byrd *** Full Disclosure: these are affiliate links. If you click on this link, you will not pay any more (you still get the full discount) but I will earn a Commission. If you do buy a course, please email me at john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and tell me about it. I would love to thank you personnally for supporting The Online Learning Podcast! Don’t forget you can still access the Course and the discount without going through the Affiliate Scheme by simply searching for the Course on Udemy and using the Coupon Code at Checkout in the normal way. If you do this, Udemy will receive their normal commission and the Course Creator will get the whole of the balance. It is entirely up to you :)

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 months ago
by Antoanee's channel

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Speech about shopping culture using vocabulary :) ANTOANEE GALLARDAY

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 months ago
by Renzo's channel

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I can talk about my city and its surroundings using articles.

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 Image (1405710) image uploaded on 25-01-14
Broadcast 2 months ago at Sutton, NH, USA
by Mrs. Pre's Channel

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Tags: BYOD Rules

This phone cast outlines the 3 questions we will consider whenever we use mobile devices, the rules for using mobile devices in my classroom and the consequences for breaking the rules. The goal of this process is to learn the elements of being a responsible digital citizen. I am happy to be on this journey with you.

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 Image (108504) image uploaded on 09-09-13
Broadcast 3 months ago at The Vale of Grwyney, Powys, UK
by Mission Performance HQ

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 Image (1386558) image uploaded on 23-01-14
Broadcast 3 months ago at Ronkonkoma, NY, USA
by Brian's channel

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Tags: #BrickStone #Westboro

Dave Sirus explains the motivation behind his work of exposing heinous cowards who hide behind a front of religious morality as the ignorant blowhards they are with very little to say

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Fylde Coast Community Radio - phlog (8205) image uploaded on 03-Jun-10
Broadcast 3 months ago
by Fylde Coast Community Radio

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Tags: Rae, Morris, Skin

fab new local singer

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