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 Image (41151) image uploaded on 25-10-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at 1826 County Road 69, Prattville, AL 36067, USA
by Live After Snapv!ne

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Tags: ear drum, real man, pickles

Daniel wanna be. The start of ___. Busting my freaking ear drum. Anyway this is Alabama Manny(?). I was just calling my first Bob but I don't know better than this this phone as my my college quarter back and they tried to follow him down for real man and he didn't tell me what to do. I just hang up on this beach and it's sounds like a toast for damn post or you know what's the deal pickles. Anyway I just trying to check this out. Talk to you all later. Bye.

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 Image (105585) image uploaded on 25-10-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Meuse Ln, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 2, UK
by Edinburgh Man

Tags: indie, music, edinburgh

I'm a little bit confused at the start of this week's show. This is because my voice seems to be coming back to me through me headphones delayed by a quarter of second. Freaky. Today's show has a bit of the old John Peel in it. 7 years ago today John died in Peru, so I've flavoured the show with a few tracks that have associations with the old Peel show. Although to be honest, mostly he was about playing new music, so there's a load of that too.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago at 2500 Rd, Independence, KS 67301, USA
by Vince's channel

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Tags: usa technologies, global leader, new buildings

Hi so we're supposed to meet ___ this week. Both mine we're USA technologies and Sumex(?). Start of the first one which is Sumex(?). I bought 1500 shares of this and the price about it aye was 328. The reason I'm doing this is cos I found out what freaking best for me is that when you buy stocks when their really surprising by a lot of them really pays off for you so I'm just trying to keep doing what the company does is it's global leader in building materials in or it is the global leader in building materials something like that so I was thinking with all the new buildings and materials that are being builded(?) up I just think it be a good investment or a good trade I'm sorry

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13
Broadcast 2 years ago
by TheDailyExcrement

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Tags: excrement, lunas, full of shit

This is the Daily Excrement(?). My name is Rod and yeah it is actually the Daily Excrement(?) cos I'm gonna keep Lunas(?) Dailey right until showtime. The time they can hear the show so people are gonna be sick of redoing it. The time they can hear the show it's Saturday night 8:00 Central Time. The buyers like Using(?) www dot Using(?) com forward slash T D A A ___ that's the founding here show. Keep them out of the way little fault right away. That's really the reason I'm doing this shit everyday. I'm leaving until Saturday night just use my my ipadio account deployed the real show. He gotta do it you gotta check in stuff. We need your phone call. I know a lot of you guys out there and Galvin(?) did last when that last one of you was a real a real work of freaking art full of shit. It's cog up just Dean one cog up wow that was fast.

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 Image (14668) image uploaded on 25-03-13
Broadcast 2 years ago at 101, 862 96 Njurunda, Sweden
by Deanthebard's Ipadio blog

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Tags: ipad, ceo of apple, iphone

Good morning to all of my iPadio listeners this is Dean here just wanted to talk about the news about Apple this morning now this gonna be a technical blog so if you're not interested in anything technical please switch off now because it isn't gonna be about ___ or creativity or Sweden it's about Apple now I've had a lot of emails overnight mainly from friends who obviously are in America I woke up to the news this morning that Steve Jobs has quit as CEO of Apple now most people know that I'm an Apple freak I have been since the day I can remember I had the first iPod I had the first iPhone I had the first Macbook Air I have an old iMac back in the 90's now I've got an iPad iPhone Macbook Pro and no doubt whatever else they've released.

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13

Everybody. It is I, V Rob again. What? I V Rob. What the hell does that even mean? Well I just ___ that one very good. My name is Rod. This is the daily experiment life from the open road as always on, on some stuff. Alright? Just gonna jump on here quick so we don't have a lot to say but I know I did say last time that I am planning on returning to the Tom Dick and Terry show this Saturday the 13th but not looking good so go figure you know. This is the story of the Tom Dick and Terry show. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and ___ material trust me freaking ridiculous. Just a lot of crap happening. What the hell? Oh so I got a text message beeping on me there. Lot of crap.

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 Image (38975) image uploaded on 04-09-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by D&CFilm

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Tags: jaime lee curtis, mr popper, mark waters

A little double bill today focusing on target with interest I'm gonna start with Mr Poppins Penguins which is the new film starring ___ directed by Mark Waters and Mark Waters is interesting ___ director. He did the remake of Freaky Friday with Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan and he directed Mean Girls also with Lindsay Lohan and apparently this this film was taken from a novel by Richard Infront(?) at Walter which as a brit I have to say I'm not all that to ___ I see that this is set text(?) that Americans called but I'm not all that familiar with this but regardless that Mark Waters film starred Jim Carrey as the a ponomous(?) type of character Mr Popper who has grown up with an absence(?) of it. At the start film we see.

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 Image (85689) image uploaded on 27-06-11

Hello, so earlier this evening we finished the computer game. LA Noa(?) Noa(?) Noa(?). What did what do you think Liz? I didn't like the ending. Don't spoil the ending. But what why didn't you like it? I think I can't say why I didn't like it without spoiling the entire ending. Conversely I thought ___ rather neatly. Well yeah I still don't like it. Fair enough. But broadly what did you think of the game? I think I'm slightly disappointed because you know everyone's like oh it's amazing and maybe this is like my ignorance did not have played a lot of kind of that games like this. But it was just a bit. Like some of it was really tedious(?). Like looking ___ the freaking newspapers. Really tedious(?). I didn't

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 Image (28557) image uploaded on 31-03-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at 1185 Jackmar Rd, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA
by The Ruminative Runner

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Darcy's phlog

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Tags: multi culture, machete, larkin

Hey Dasi(?), Hip Papa. These film were the preview of Bona(?) would be a programs pops with the setting from Fasu(?) for 2011 which has freak me out. Essentially Larkin(?) may not know this equivalent from Tooth(?). Here we have different films sort of either more multi culture known as bigger bigger spectrum but concerning 9 films but I've seen 5 of them. Let's talk of those briefly. So we've got a in case you grow a cavalier ___ which is Koro(?) should with the Scandinavian. Endabanamo(?) which is probably one of those wanna see but honestly from this list which is South Korean drummer band ___ with the Sharkan(?) which is sort of was actually just trailer on the Canadian version of Growing House but it was turned into a film by a first time direct Hers Workahel(?) as the Hover and his scene with the Machete.

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