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 Image (40666) image uploaded on 18-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Chip's Tips

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Tags: Homosexual, Gay, Bible

Our culture is struggling to find an answer to the issue of gay and lesbian rights. Some have abandoned the Bible altogether. Some have only abandoned the parts about "loving your neighbor." Here Pastor Chip gives a response to the issue that embraces both.

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Hello my name is Christian William Sanders and this will the blogging of Transexual(?) Blog by Elizabeth White. I choose this piece simply for the name is kinda interesting I just wanted to really know what's about. My initial response to this piece was pretty comfortable with hay description was really funny and he just seems like a really courty(?) man with a piece of him more serious with issues and controversials(?) and stuff. Founded really interesting as well as really alarming had something he found at. One of the things that are really interesting with his massive testing to talk through was and it really helped add with the credibility of the piece. Also really enjoyed the comical inserts of hay such as when he lifted his leg his ___ within his pocket I can imagine someone doing that in my head and it ___ it really helps the reader understand who he is and the whole background thing I'm just really said in like you know that.

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Hi this is Juliet Larson recording my phone cast. Early as they called aids for the woman's things by Stephen Lewis. This essay draws attention to the epidemic that is aids and how it not only effects men but it also affects women and in the early years of the aids epidemic it was thought to be a gay disease something that only not get this man was very passionate about drawing attention to this sexism(?) that is the aids epidemic it doesn't discriminate. We also have power to change with the fact that we have the power to help we have the power to change the course of history through simply being knowledgeable about the subject. People are dying that don't have to he doesn't work in Africa seeing the true effect of this disease where medical attention isn't strong medical attention isn't something that they focus on and this argument is strongly base on the appeal to logos. There's a lot of fact a lot of statistics that.

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 Image (363795) image uploaded on 01-04-13
Broadcast about a year ago
by Indiana University Press

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Tags: bisexuality, film, TV

Often disguised in public discourse by terms like "gay," "homoerotic," "homosocial," or "queer," bisexuality is strangely absent from queer studies and virtually untreated in film and media criticism. Maria San Filippo discusses the central role bisexuality plays in contemporary screen culture in her new book The B Word.

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 Image (31961) image uploaded on 21-08-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Wormleysburg, PA, USA
by The AudioBuzz

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Tags: ladies, sexy, mike jones

To keep his lady fans happy Mike Jones gets sexy for a minute!

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 Image (76437) image uploaded on 23-02-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Family Violence Course Announcements

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Tags: Discussions, reading for Week #7

Hello everyone. Thank you for another wonderful week on the discussion board. I'm really enjoying your participation. You ask excellent questions and bring up wonderful, thoughtful concerns about the readings, about society. The class is really terrific. Thank you! I just wanted to make a quick note about your reading that you'll be doing during Week #7. You'll be reading an excellent memoir called Lucky by the author Alice Seybold. You may know the author from her other work, and you can look her up on the Internet to find out more about her. But this is not a novel, which she is more famous for, but rather her personal memoir about being sexually assaulted while a student at Syracuse University. The reading is very emotionally challenging at times, so please feel free to skip over parts that you find too difficult to read. Chapter One is optional. Please remember that there is a long list of community resources available on our ANGEL course homepage. Please do not hesitate to contact them if any of our course readings cause you distress. Thank you.

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Hello everyone, this week's assignments is a bit different from the assignments you've done so far this semester this week we'll be using music to explore the stage of adolescence. As we've already discussed earlier in the semester Ericson says the stage of adolescence is the time when people establish their identities, adolescence is all about answering the question who am I, and adolescents asked yes can answer that question with regards to their values their sexual identity and occupation. We've also looked at other aspects of adolescence like the continuing development of the frontal lobes other aspects of physical development and immature aspects of adolescent thought and so on. For this assignment I would like you to pick out the song that you think illustrates an aspect of adolescence and bring it to class to play for your classmates and me. You can bring the song and your iPod or CD.

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___. Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number so call me maybe. And how to look like won't you squeeze me but here's my number so call me maybe. ___. Music is one way adolescent built experiment with and express their identity in class we talked about Ericson's view of the state of adolescent and the most important time for identity. According to Ericson adolescent are all about answering the question who am I. And the answer this question with respect to values sexual identity and occupation. Still we can also be a great way to illustrate other aspects of adolescent which we talked about in class. So with this next assignment what I'd like you to do is pick out a song that you think reflects this journey of identity formation during adolescent or some other aspect of adolescent development. What you heard at the

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 Image (309148) image uploaded on 19-03-13
Broadcast about a year ago
by The Kelly Speechless Show

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Tags: steroids, relationship

Do you produce a positive emotional response when in front of your mirror? Stop with the excuses people when it comes to looking better and presenting yourself in a positive way it only benefits you. If your husband or boyfriend or whoever complains about it or wants a better looking representation of the you he wants new that's great and he deserve that but it starts with you meaning your life without him or with him is still going to be a less quality life while you look like shit and are things you can do to fix it and be comfortable but not comfortable meaning looking badly. ,, if your listening to this to get the product list suggestion beginning then as promised go to 10 minutes and 16 seconds this time get a pen or something to write this down with.

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Hi I'm Austin here interviewing my mom Gina and I'm going to ask her some questions about women being the take lead in the film industry. Oh to start of mom can you tell me a time when you are upset or angered(?) with how a woman character was portrayed or treated in a movie. Yes. I'm the movie is Disclosure and where the main actress is in the movie is Demy Moore and she is portrait as an extremely powerful woman up in movie she is very under mining(?) and the ___ and she is a cross sexuality many times she tried to succeed in the business world or

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