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Broadcast about a year ago
by David's phlog

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Hi how are you? Good thank you how are you? ___ I got told I would I can use it but apparently you ___. How do you get to the ___. Good I got like I gotten ___ like crap. Why? Oh I just like freaking(?) ___ oh ok.

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 Image (179486) image uploaded on 24-07-12
Broadcast about a year ago at TriBeCa, New York, NY, USA
by Isabel's channel

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Tags: illusion show, artistic collaboration, chris angel

Hello friends this opportunity I would like to share something ___ you and also of your personal opinion of ___. Do you think that Chris Heniu(?) was his real name well actually it is just his nickname. His real name is Christopher Nicholas Sonbackon(?). So funny right he was born in New York on December 19th in 1967. She said ___ but know for staring the television show Quizzing(?) you mind freak. Also he's live performance illusion show Chris angel believe in artistic collaboration with Circle Defullet(?) on the Lookfort(?) in Lafayette Nevada. Angel is also the creator of the Magic place dot com. I will list of his most amazing performance has been when he tried to be completely crashed by asting(?) water where he was laid down about a millions of broken glass pieces.

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 Image (162484) image uploaded on 06-06-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Cartagena De Indias (Distrito TurĂ­stico Y Cultural), Bolivar, Colombia
by Skip Hunt's Phlog (Phone Blog)

Tags: buses, hassle, little bit

Hello this is Skip(?) again. I'm hoping you can hear me over the music it's June 5th about 5:30 Tuesday. I'm now in Cartahena(?) Columbia. And we got here yesterday and it seems pretty rough when I got in there's a little bit of a hassle was working out the buses then and then some guy came up and was asking me in english what I was looking for and then some other guy pushed him away and told me that what I was looking for was down there one(?) street to keep moving and pushed the guy back again a bit to protect me which was kinda nice and I found a place that I was looking for got a room. It is still freaking nice(?) here but it's beautiful so if it wasn't so beautiful I think I'd move on and try to find some where I think there was more of a breeze but it is pretty beautiful as far as the

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago
by david's channel

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Tags: thief, wendy, canvas

The two other light and freaking fire approach the thief(?) whoever I advise. The first one I thought the other ___ with this motion fly for Wendy ___ of the dawn. Spend the embassy of love disease and like ___ for let's do a long extended debt oppress as the life of vision to we record for those those messages ___ he is and but now come back again to serve of they're help is coming is to me this call I joy but then ___ glad. I send the back of canvas today bro. Bye. Later.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast about a year ago
by Spencer's phlog

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Tags: chapter 7, coming home, scout

Hey Mr Sedry(?) this is Tensir(?) and reporting ___ about reporting but on a summary chapter 7 from ___ in this chapter Jen and Scout(?) start school again. Scout(?) does 2nd grade and when they walked in school the first day Jen tells Scout what actually happened when the guys ___ back after he's been quite the rest for the summer. He talked about that they all sewn(?) up very badly not very neat and they were hanging for on the fence and so she got little freaked out and said Scott about that and so everyday then coming home from school they heard or they saw that

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13

Yeah alright feeling a little bit on the curve side today. Just leaving the Sudo(?) truck stop I guess if you wanna call that right got my 2 veggie boritos(?) cos I'm a vegetarian. Hey can you tell I'm a little bit pissed off today. I'm looking one of those freaking mad at the world moods. I'm not quite sure why. I know part of that has to do with my freaking wife and I do my best to rain in the profanity right now cos I'm just one of their fowl freaking wall cos I just let freaking loose right now but I'm gonna try try brace it all, hold it all back and I love to direct this straight at my wife but that would be unfair since she's not here to defend herself and whatever. It doesn't matter. That's not what I, that's not what I blew the ___.

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13
Broadcast 2 years ago at South Sheridan, ND, USA
by TheDailyExcrement

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Tags: bad mood, good mood, time of year

Hey everybody welcome to the Daily(?) Experiment(?). My name is Rod and it's been awhile since I found one here and I figured I'd better pop on and show a couple things your way that are bounce here on in my head today. By the way tonight sun shiny see I got 52 degrees on my truck ___ as there on the road in at homestead at North Dakota here and sun shining in for this time of year wow I just gotta say it is really freaking nice. Just the weather can really put you in a good mood or bad mood the hell was going on. Yeah I kind of in slam. I do extra duties much duties ___ today. I wanna pass along to you like at some input on. No. 1 and it's from the Shore Wood.

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In The News: On Facebook, Twitter and iTunes - channel image uploaded on 28-Jan-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Winnetka, IL, USA
by In The News: On Facebook, Twitter and iTunes

Learn how this freak accident happened

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 Image (45678) image uploaded on 11-03-12

Hey Rudy, it's me Rod. And we're down in here phone casting here for the first time well I just it's the second time. The first time actually from from my mobile phone here in the truck this morning. So I'll be brief. I just was listening to the radio a little bit here as I'm driving and had a thought crossed my mind I thought you know I'm gonna I'm gonna share it quickly because it's driving me freaking insane and has been ever since yesterday. I'm sure all of you have probably heard of the controversy about rushing on ball(?) in the birth control calling to check a slut and the prostitute and I just wasn't doing another now and, on a completely different subject and watching Facebook and then and some of the arguments and not even just this argument but but somehow Andrew break right passed away last week and then people arguing about what his legacy will be. I wanna see what some people put on the internet and post. I wanna hear with some

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago at Les Bons Villers, Belgium
by Katie's channel

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Tags: world of fitness, type a personality, control freak

Control what you can control. My reasoning by the book that change my life. It sounds cliche(?) but my husband brought home the book that outside my boat. Letting go of what you can't control by Charlie Jones and Kim Duran. He ___ work and suggest that I read it to reduce my stress the type A personality control freak produce. I was in the middle of the rest trade(?) of basketball for the teenage drama and the completion of masters program. I needed to be focused and relaxed. That's outside my boat(?) due to the campus ___ world of fitness(?) scholars artist and athletes it focus on the importance of letting go when it's out of your control. The metaphor of going to Kroger's(?) is used throughout the book ___ focus on what is inside of her boat and let go of what is not. An excerpt from the book reads in essence you now let go of things that are out of your control and control the things that you are in control of a hundred percent. It requires accepting complete responsibility for your part on what you do. It is very easy to blame other people it took me a long time.

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