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Broadcast about a year ago at Downtown Knoxville, Knoxville, TN, USA
by PSA MEC Hotline Podcast

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Tags: february first, contract enforcement, pod cast

Hello P S A pilot. This is your hotline Pod Cast for February first, two thousand thirteen. We have five items this week. Join us for February pod events with the first item. Please join us for several pod event this month. The dates and times are as follows. February nineteenth in Dayton. February twentieth in Charlotte. February twenty first in Knoxville. That times and locations which available will be announced soon. You and your family are encouraged to attend this informative get together. We look forward to seeing you in upcoming pod event. Item number two is a message from the contract enforcement committee on January twenty fifth. Severe weather passed through the US region or P S A conducts a major and slot. Majority of it when the one and storm greatly impacted are Charlotte Havin(?) base. Causing a significant ripple to our schedule integrity. Contracting force and committee. Receive an increase in calls in

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