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 Image (140634) image uploaded on 16-03-12
Broadcast 2 years ago
by BHA Xtra

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SYNCHRONISED outstayed his rivals up the famous Cheltenham hill under an impressive ride by Tony McCoy to give jump racing's leading owner JP McManus a first win in the Gold Cup. The improving nine-year-old won at 8-1 from The Giant Bolster who ran a massive race to finish second at 50-1 with favourite Long Run finishing in third at 7-4.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Carmen's channel

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Tags: brain waves, concentration, sync

Research had shown that music can stimulate brain waves as the to be in sync with the B(?) but that should be ___ the concentration more like thinking it's probably come from music ___ meditated(?) thing speech(?) ___ period 5.

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 Image (102150) image uploaded on 08-10-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 4-5 Ballyharry Heights, Newtownards, Ards BT23 7, UK
by Darzo's Days

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Pod Delusion Extra - phlog (14906) image uploaded on 20-Feb-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Pod Delusion Extra

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Tags: synchrotron

Our full interview with Andy Dent - find out what a synchrotron does!

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The Pod Delusion's phlog - phlog (9216) image uploaded on 17-Sep-09
Broadcast 2 years ago
by The Pod Delusion

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Tags: Robin Ince, Synchrotron

This week we take an evidence based approach to the 50p tax rate, find out what on earth a synchrontron is and find out what Robin Ince thinks of skepticism and the arts.

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 Image (95870) image uploaded on 03-09-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by London Liz

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Tags: Science, Physics, X-rays

I hope I didn't record this before but we would just been to the diamond Synchrotone(?) and it was amazing. It was good, I didn't know we had a Synchrotone(?) until about a couple of weeks. So that was quite cool. I didn't know the Synchrotone(?) was there till a couple of hours ago but yeah so it's like a it's like the LHC(?) but ___ smashing particles together. I just and then we x ray second of to do experiments and stuff which is like ridiculous way of experiment which is awesome. Yeah they use a spectrometer(?) that was one of the world I remember from a friend. Basically something really dumb for the last 2 and a half hours but in a good way inspired by science and engineering type of the guy who's taking us around with engineering like literally could point two things.

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David's phlog - phlog (31827) image uploaded on 10-Oct-10
Broadcast 2 years ago
by David's phlog

Tags: sync, lunch, pool

This is David Goldack(?) with Pool Sync from Winet(?) College. Lunch has arrived and will be back later.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago at 85 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007, USA
by Bert's channel

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Tags: associates degree, extra credit, second language

Hey my name is Bert Micans(?). I live in Innos(?) Point New York. And I play soccer play soccer my whole life. And over the Summer I life guard and I did a speech I have for the last 2 years it will be 3rd(?). I took some French in high school but I just barely passed and it didn't sync in all. So the reason I'm taking the class is for for a few extra credit I need for my associates degree in to brush up on the language. Because I feel like I wasted a lot of time and that would be really good for me to to know a second language. And that's it.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Palesa's phlog

Tags: colly, clarence, clown

___. C is for crown ___ words like Dan and Jen(?) they're in sync. Clown Clarence clown cat carrying cane and Clarence clown catch cats carrying cane. Clarence crown catches cat carrying. Very good. Colly(?) is carrying clothes. Cat carrying cane catch Colly(?) is carrying clothes. Clarence clown

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 Image (72664) image uploaded on 13-04-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at Westminster, London W1K 6JP, UK
by ADVA Optical Networking

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Tags: Gareth Spence, Michael Ritter, ADVA Optical Networking

Gareth Spence and Michael Ritter discuss some of the latest mobile backhaul hot topics at Light Reading's Ethernet Europe 2011

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