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 Image (156258) image uploaded on 13-05-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
by The Mike The Janitor Experience

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Tags: mike the janitor, honey bucket, smart phone

Mike The Janitor is beside himself because he has forgotten his Smart Phone. Will he be able to make it through the day without his ridiculous status updates on the Internet?

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Some of the biggest questions of schools for today is how can we meet the needs of each learner each teacher and staff member while still meeting budget obligations this affects the universities down the pre kindergarten. How to re prepare students teachers administration staff parents and community to local and global for the 21st century. How do we prepare students for life after graduation what effective tools are being used in the work place as to accomplish task efficiently. What tools of business using to meet their needs. Schools teachers and businesses are always looking for ways to save money. Use your resources wisely and get the point across to it's mini communities as they can some school districts have learned that mobile devices ___ can offer the opportunities to do just that mobile devices such a smart phones iPads and tablets are not just the fact(?) that will go away. These mobile devices had become

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Some of the biggest question that's schools have to say today is. How can we meet the needs of each learner teacher and staff and ___ meeting budget obligations. This is ___ university down to pre kindergarten they ask how do we prepare students teachers and administrations. Staff, parents and community. Local and global. How do we prepare them for the 21st century had we prepare our students for life after graduation. What effective tools are being used in the work place is to accomplish catch a fish. Efficiently. What tools or business using to meet their needs. School teachers in businesses are always looking for ways to save money. Use resources wisely ___ point across just many community ___ can. Some school district have learned that. Mobile devices cloud computing and gaming. Cannot offer the opportunity ___. Mobile devices such as a smart phone. Ipads(?) tablets are just the

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 Image (151026) image uploaded on 22-04-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Videogames and Sushi

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Tags: video, games, xbox

website: www.videogamesandsushi.net email: info@videogamesandsushi.net twitter: @VGASpodcast -Burger King offers 15 pieces of bacon for 100 yen! -Nintendo DS receives a firmware update. Fixes games with "DLC." -A smart phone controller to rule them all? -Xbox 360 the longest running console. -We discuss Kenji Infune's comments about Japans game industry and what we think about the.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by David's phlog

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Tags: smart phone, web access, podcast

Hi everybody this is a short ipadio podcast that's gonna explain what ipadio and podcast an MP3 and URL and a bunch of other jargon and tech speak really means. So as you can tell this is just an audio recording and I made it free using piece of free software called ipadio and I made it from my cell phone and I made it obviously before this conference for this conference to explain to you what ipadio is and what it does. First of all it's free it's an application that you can put on your smart phone if you have one. You can also if you don't have a phone at all but you do have web access you can.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago at Les Bons Villers, Belgium
by Rosanny's channel

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Tags: new comers, educational tool, smart phone

I definitely see the benefit of iPadio. You could communicate with parents and students easily if they have access to the internet and know how to navigate themselves and internet as a whole. ___ to communicate with parents this will be also effective and ___ unfortunately most of our parents are new comers and have limited access to the internet and some students don't have computers at home. Also students are not allowed to take out or use a cell phone inside and I'm not sure if the whole, all the students can use this application at the same time in the classroom will they all be talking on the phone over one another. I find this would be great and new and innovative tool to communicate in engaging way. However I could not see myself using this in my classroom today in the ___ in another school perhaps this could work smart phone need to be seen as an educational tool. Until then I do not visualize getting permission to have my students pick up their cell phone and communicate ___ but if you could use it cos I could see them being very.

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I only think you so much for a green interview. I really appreciate it. No problem. I am taking a class right now and were looking at several things at the 20th 21st century child and so like I have some questions I'd like to ask you and kinda put your feel forum and what changes and things you've seen in the school. The first one is what changes have you seen in the last few years of our school that reflect the teaching of the 21st century child and by when I say that the 21st century child is one who has has been exposed to technology. All of their life and we are hearing that were needing to make some changes in there. Have you experience anything. Well there are actually a couple other things. So first thing that I've noticed is over the years the tough few years I've seen an increase and the amount of technology that are student actually have their personal devices. So there's cell phone I would say that probably 75 percent off my classroom have cell phones and most of them are Smart phones. So they do

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Wichita, KS, USA
by Julie Rorabaugh

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Tags: soothing tones, vlog, smart phone

Hi there, this is Julie. I'm sure you've heard of blogs or even a vlog (a video blog) but what happens when you combine a telephone with a blog? You get a Phlog! Today's Digital Learning Days site is Ipadio. With Ipadio you can live broadcast to your own channel, from anywhere in the world. If you don't want to go live you can choose to record and publish. Ipadio converts your audio to text and gives you embeddable code that you can put in your ANGEL course. All of this is possible with a simple telephone. If you have more than a simple phone or a so-called "Smart phone," you can download the free app for both IOS and Android. Broadcast your announcements to your students. Let them hear the soothing tones of your voice.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Lynne's channel

Tags: staff knowledge, itq, tablet computers

Welcome to the Upcoach(?) Business Services. The Upcoach(?) can offer a variety of services to a business setting. Firstly as a holder of Microsoft Office certifications I'm proficient in all versions of Office. I can help you plug the gap in your staff knowledge of Office application where it is needed. I can do this on a one to one basis or as a group and even look as an online auction. I can also help coach your staff to get up to exam standard for Clays all ITQ(?). I also provide training on the use of smart phones, iPads, notebook and tablet computers from setting them up to your first tweet on Twitter. There are a number of business resources on the Internet which are free to use that can make contact with your staff inclined faster and more productive. As a ___

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 Image (121190) image uploaded on 14-01-12

Mike The Janitor just got punked by his friend, Christina in Erie, Pennsylvania, in "Words With Friends".

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