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Ok the first thing that we're gonna do today. Is we're gonna finish up chapter one section 2 lecture. Right where we left off yesterday as I told you before the bell rung yesterday no quiz today on section 2. You have the labor day weekend. I know I don't normally give quizzes or test on a long weekend or even the weekend but just because the way the schedule worked out we're gonna have to take that way on Tuesday September the 4th. When you guys get back. Enjoy your weekend. Lot of college football going on. Roll tod(?). We left off Roman numeral 2 later date. We're gonna start today now the Simerians(?) also invented new technology. Remember they're the first people to do this. How many of you have brothers and sisters ok. Keep your hand up if you have a younger brother or sister.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Shelby's channel

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Tags: jansen, shelby, new technology

Hello this is Shelby, Jansen. This is a test for Ipadio. So this is a new technology that I'm hoping to use in my online class at W A T C and hopefully I will be able to upload this and embed it and hopefully my students will be able to do the same and be able to put it in a drop box in angel.

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The 3 different E Mergin(?) Technology that I wanna discuss today one precede value of innovation and creativity is increasing. 2 technology continues to profoundly(?) affect the way we work collaborate and communicate and succeed and last people expect to be able to work learn and study whenever and wherever they want. Going back to innovations and creativity this both and hands a professional skills in there. Equally important. Innovations is something that's been happening for a long time especially with this new technology that allows more people to innovate and be creative and there wasn't a past specially with in close quarters they don't have to get out and move in. Physically do much. Technology continue to profound the effect the way we work collaborate on and communicate. As you can see there's much more different ways to communicate between Podcasting(?) at hand. Soil

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I'm just trying to do a broadcast on this new app iPadio at mobile phones internet at podcast broadcast blogcast phonecast. Anyway it's you're talking some of with from what ___ you were you click in the phone number they give you then your phone gets ___ the pin number which they gave you and you know and behold Magrin(?) technology and you're speaking to the whole world or anybody who'd called to tune in to your particular station and just rest safe and you can address that in personal. Well I'm doing that now and the speech(?) work I'm gonna tell a few more people and hopefully I could be part of everyday ___ in the future. So this is John signing out and when and just ___ a new technology today.

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Yeah for a new start for that date this week was Apple(?) for APL(?). I think that apple was launching ___ because of the new technology that is coming out with. It revolutionized touchscreen(?) music players and revolutionized tablets. So if you're getting. Apple it's just all around good stuck. In the 52 week information summary Apple low was 320 dollars and it's high was 522 dollars and 14 cents. Apples competitors consists of Hewitt Packer(?), terrogator(?) and ___ tech international. And my ___ ratio for the stock is 511 dollars 50 cents to 15 dollars. The other new stock for that this was this week was Nintendo or NTDOI(?). Nintendo was a good investment because it's coming out with new gaming systems with brand new tech(?)

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Hi this is Pamela Tadnoley(?) Reading Technology Solutions Seminars. Come here. Just educators administrators new technology to solve exquisite problem in case role environment real end user case to case for certain details industry industry professionals will show you how to solve everyday district wide and class room based

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This is why a digital champion makes the difference in the big society. This is to attempt to receive the wider need of digital infrastructure and then motivate the community to require the structure. A digital champion goes on to recognize and realize the benefits to the local need for example a little or urgent community or an individual and to meet their need. This is mandated process and changes rapidly with new technology. Many adults remain off line because the lack of motivation to use the internet. It is the DC's ability to identify what will motivate someone and then inspire them to investigate the subject online simulating a community or individual to use the internet grows like a huge ways of possibility it might be checking ___ speaking about benefit ___ the car.

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 Image (29320) image uploaded on 16-11-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 323-337 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
by CNLC's phlog

Tags: vocabulary word, immediate news, images information

I used the technology in my Certificate two classroom. I didn't have it available in the Certificate one room. And the positive for my point of view is that I could use the internet to find the images of things that the students didn't understand whether it was a vocabulary word or whether it was an image from someone's village for example and I also used it in preparation for excursions so I could go to the website to get pricing, the maps, images and information. And also find current affair stories. I use it to look at The Age dot com for immediate news that the students wanted to speak about. And the problems I had with the system was having a live board in my room so that if I had it operating when I went to write on the board it was a little bit.

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 Image (41689) image uploaded on 21-11-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 10-24 Congress St, Boston, MA 02109, USA
by Reality Engineer

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Tags: sunday evening, microphones, new technology

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Broadcast 2 years ago at 926 Main St, Napa, CA 94559, USA
by Bill's channel

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Tags: new technology network, bill burgess, weather models

Hello and good day to you. My name is Bill Burgess a Science Teacher at East Lake School of Integrated Technology. My school opens in 2000 just one of four small schools at East Lake High School outside of Raleigh North Carolina. At the time we were one of three schools affiliated with the New Technology Network based on Napa California. It's a small focuses on project based learning in 21st century skills. I'll give you overview of one of my projects. I'm here my Meteorology(?) Unit somewhat offer the students getting into groups and choosing a city in North Carolina. Read over a letter from a fictional TV station that charges students with producing a TV show that includes an overview of the severe weather w event in a 3 day weather forecast. Throughout the project the students learn how to read and draw weather maps analyze satellite image radar and use computer weather models to generate a forecast. This is usually the first project because student have

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