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 Image (39612) image uploaded on 20-08-11
Broadcast 3 months ago at City of Westminster, Greater London, UK
by Debbie's channel

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We will be looking at ways you and your learners can use podcasting as a means to make information available, to broadcast a message and to let learners share their thoughts and feelings.

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 Image (67749) image uploaded on 08-04-14
Broadcast 4 months ago
by Cheap Seats Boxing Show

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Angelo and JP discuss Saturdays Showtime card featuring Marcos Maidanas great performance and shutting Broners mouth for the time being. Also Keith Thurmans ko of Soto Karass plus Leo Santa Cruz, Beibut Shumenov ,Jermall Charlo and of course JoJo Diaz last Friday Night.

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 Image (1159737) image uploaded on 13-12-13

Christian Coach Jay Parks, CPA, explains how coaches, as small business owners, can save thousands a year by deducting out-of-pocket healthcare costs through a Health Reimbursement Account. He then details how to set up such an account through a convenient automated system for tracking (TASC).

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 Image (59165) image uploaded on 24-01-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Nikischer Course Announcements

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Tags: Presentations, peer feedback, summary posts

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the second presentation week! Thank you again to all the presenters and thank you to everyone for providing excellent peer review feedback. I’d like to take a minute to share with you the story of the first time I provide a presentation on a research study and received peer review feedback on it. I had spent several weeks working on a qualitative research study with rural high school students about their perceptions on schooling. I transcribed the interviews, I analyze the data and I presented my findings to my classmates and my professor in my doctoral program. After I did my presentation, my professor said (and my professor is Lois Weis) “Well Andrea that was very interesting, but it certainly wasn’t qualitative research.” My peers then followed up with many very critical questions about my work and I realize I had a lot to learn. It is very important to go through the peer reviewed process when you’re learning how to translate what you have learned about qualitative and quantitative research in reading and in discussion, into a real world project. I promise you it never goes as smoothly as you might imagine, and I certainly did not expect for anyone to present a perfect research project here in 689. I hope you can see the value of doing our presentations and receiving peer review feedback. I know it can be difficult to hear about some of the challenges or difficulties with your work, and I really appreciate you being open-minded to the process. Every researcher that does a valid research project goes through an approval process which involves some level of critique. Even researchers such as a Lois Weis still have to have their work approved by funding agencies, institutional review boards and other interested partners in the research. And that process always, without question, involves some level of critique. So what we are doing in our class these last few weeks is very similar to the real life process of getting a research project approved. I hope you are enjoying it and I hope you are find the process not to painful, and I hope we can all learn a lot form the work that we are sharing with each other. I will post a summary post on each discussion board after each presentation has ended this week, which means tomorrow. On Thursday I will make summary post. I posted them last week on Friday because the discussion ended on Thursday. Please be sure to take some time to read those posts. They’re very short, but they point out what are the most important critiques of the research projects that were presented. I want to make sure you get my take on what the most important parts of our peer reviewed discussions have been. For those of you who are presenters, I do post presentation scores the day after the presentation discussion board is closed. So, be sure to check the Blackboard grade book for your score and comments on your presentations. I have not yet scored the final Literature Review. I’ve been spending time scoring the presentations and I want to make sure I return all of the literature reviews back to you at about the same time. I would like to ask for your patience and I would like to score the final literature reviews next week during the Thanksgiving holiday. Next week, as you know, you don’t have any discussion boards or readings or assignments for this course. I hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family! During that time, I will have a few days where I can work on scoring your final reviews. I hope to have all those scores given back to you by the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Again, thank you for your patience. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week’s presentation discussions and I look forward to our continuing work in this course. Thanks everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

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 Image (1012956) image uploaded on 27-11-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at United States, California, ???·???=?????
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Julie Murphy Casserly, Wholesaler Masterminds Radio®

Julie Murphy Casserly CLU, ChFC, CFP® is an independent certified financial planner ® and the author of The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth From The Inside Out. A 17-year veteran of the financial services industry with her own wealth management firm in Chicago, Illinois, Julie's mission is to financially heal the world. Julie is different from other authors and financial planners because she's the bridge between the left-brained financial side and the right-brained emotional side. People refer to her as a financial healer.

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 Image (1004324) image uploaded on 12-11-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Ronkonkoma, NY, USA
by Brian's channel

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Tags: #Worldclass #VonErich

Brian Orlando recalls his childhood days of watching the Von Erich family in his living room with the legendary Kevin Von Erich. For wrestling fans, this is an in depth interview into the man Kevin has become. For a 35 year old DJ who still has Von Erich Country banners, it was a dream come true @tattooandtalk wfasam.com

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 Image (1003950) image uploaded on 11-11-13
Broadcast 5 months ago
by BHA Xtra

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AP McCoy speaks after his 4,000th winner on board Mountain Tunes at Towcester

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 Image (988807) image uploaded on 08-11-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Military Social Media

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Audio Exercise 1. Being descriptive. Introducing students to using audio for podcasting or interviewing, includes an exercise to practice techniques where the student is required to "paint a picture" in their listeners minds.

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 Image (954184) image uploaded on 30-10-13
Broadcast 5 months ago at El Raval, Barcelona, Spain
by Stucom POOLS3 channel

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Tags: catalan, english, irish

Partners of POOL3 in Brusels speaking in Catalan

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