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Broadcast 16 days ago
by Luis's channel

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 Image (76436) image uploaded on 23-02-13
Broadcast 18 days ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Course Announcements

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Tags: Site Visit Reports, presentations, personal journal entries

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a terrific spring break! Thank you for turning in your Site Visit Reports. I scored them all within a couple of days, so you should have your scores back. The only exception is the two papers that got caught up in the error on Blackboard. The papers showed in my grade box but unfortunately I couldn’t open them. I did send emails to the two people that need to resubmit their papers. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I do not control the Blackboard platform so when there’s a problem I have to work through the SUNY Learning Network and often they can’t get me an answer for several days or as in the last couple of cases, they can’t figure out an answer at all. So again, I am really sorry for these technical problems. I do my best to keep everything running smoothly. I promise you these problems bother me as much as they bother you. In the future, if there’s every a problem in the dropbox please just email me your paper- that is not a problem for me at all. I never want you be inconvenienced by these problems with the Blackboard platform. This week we are having an awesome discussion as we are watching and listening to and reading all of you presentations about your many different and interesting sites visit. I really like this week because we are all learning the many career options that are available in Adult Education. The possibilities are really almost endless in what you can do with your Adult Education degree, and I really like giving you all the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the Adult Education opportunities available in the community. The discussion board is open now it will be open until 10pm on Wednesday. Not only will we be engaging with our presentations, but you’ll also be going back to the readings that were done on March 23 to talk about the formal and informal chapters that you choose about these Adult Education providers. Talking about these chapters gives us another opportunity to learn more about the many different options available in the Adult Education field. In addition to our discussion this week, our educational autobiographies are due as a personal entry on Saturday. We’re actually at I believe Part 4 of our educational autobiography. We are moving on from talking about K-12 education to talking about our experiences in undergrad education. I look forward to reading all of your journal responses. Next week we actually have another paper assignment due. This is your Mini Case Study of an International Adult Education Provider. The assignment guidelines are posted in the assignment guidelines folder, and of course you may ask me about this assignment at any time via the “Ask the Instructor” discussion board or by contacting me directly via email. Most of you will do your research for this paper assignment through the Internet. Please very carefully cite all of your sources. Because you’ll be using the Internet I expect much of your paper to include cited material. As we are talking about citation and APA style, I want to remind all of you to keep working on your APA style and to carefully review those APA style guidelines. In the Site Visit papers there were many APA style errors remaining, so I’m going to refer you again back to the Harvard APA style tutorial and the Purdue APA style guide. It is really important that you master APA style during your time in this course so that you are prepared to take the comprehensive examination for graduation in the future. If you have questions about APA style you are welcome to contact me, and you’re also welcome to join the ADE Writing Forum. Any student in the Adult Education program is welcome to join the Writing Forum to work with the Writing Coach on format, grammar and APA style. Please send me an email if you would like to join the Writing Forum. Last but not least, I am finishing up my office hours for today and I will have my regular office hours tomorrow which are Wednesday from 8am-12pm. Next week, I will also have office hours on Tuesday from 8am-9am and Wednesday from 8am-12pm. This weekend I’ll be traveling to Philadelphia for the AERA annual meeting. It is one of the largest and most important conferences in education every year in the United States. It draws scholars from around the country and around the globe and I’ll have the opportunity to share some of my research on high school STEM opportunity structures at the annual meeting. Because I’ll be in Philadelphia I might have a slightly slower response time for email and the “Ask the Instructor” discussion board. However, I promise I will meet my guaranteed 24hours response time. So please, don’t hesitate to send me questions or post questions or concerns on the “Ask the Instructor” board. I think that’s all for this week. Thanks again for all of your hard work! Have a great week and weekend.

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Broadcast 19 days ago at Scenic Ridge, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
by Aleta's channel

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Using a block a the beginning of class to promote the internal rotation of the thighs and to begin to activate the leg muscles. Working with forms of Vashistasana and forearm plank to build heat and strength in the upper body then finishing up with some hip work. Enjoy yogis:)

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 Image (2069839) image uploaded on 31-03-14
Broadcast 19 days ago
by HomeMakers

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Tags: Community, Permaculture, chickens

This is our first podcast in which we reflect on our adventures in becoming self sufficient, independent, human beings. We discuss community, permaculture, making, raising a family, and freedom.

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 Image (2041458) image uploaded on 29-03-14

http://syntheway.net - Crockett's Theme (Jan Hammer cover*) using VST instruments software (PC Windows, for Mac OS X see links in "Requirements") 1.- Zephyrus VSTi (Presets: Changes (as Bassline), Electric Piano, DAL) http://zephyrus.syntheway.net 2.- Magnus Choir VSTi (Preset: Celestial Choir) http://magnus.syntheway.net 3.- Syntheway Strings VSTi (Preset: Synth Strings 2) http://strings.syntheway.net 4.- Aeternus Brass VSTi (Preset: Orchestral Brass mode) http://aeternusbrass.syntheway.net 5.- Syntheway Percussion Kit VSTi (Preset: Vibraphone) http://percussion.syntheway.net *"Crockett's Theme" is an instrumental song written for the hit NBC series Miami Vice and was composed by Jan Hammer in 1984.

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 Image (2041451) image uploaded on 29-03-14

http://syntheway.net - Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis cover*) using VST instruments software (PC Windows, for Mac OS X see links in "Requirements") 1.- Magnus Choir VSTi (Preset: Default Choir) http://magnus.syntheway.net 2.- Syntheway Strings VSTi (Presets: Full Strings, Synth Strings 2, Pizzicato) http://strings.syntheway.net 3.- Aeternus Brass VSTi (Preset: Orchestral Ensemble mode) http://aeternusbrass.syntheway.net 4.- Syntheway Percussion Kit VSTi (Preset: Timpani extended) http://percussion.syntheway.net 5.- Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi (Kawai and Yamaha modules) http://rvpiano.syntheway.net 6.- Chordophonet Virtual Harp and Hammered Dulcimer (Preset: Dulcimer) http://chordophonet.syntheway.net ............................................................... "Conquest of Paradise" is a 1992 song recorded by Vangelis. It was the soundtrack from Ridley Scott's 1992 film 1492: Conquest of Paradise and the lead single from the album of the same name.

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 Image (2027943) image uploaded on 28-03-14
Broadcast 22 days ago
by Up Late

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Tags: movie review, film review, Bryan Singer

A review of my favorite movie #20: The Usual Suspects, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollak, Chazz Palminteri, and Kevin Spacey. A look at Singer's directing style, out-takes that made it into the film, and why it received such mixed reviews. The ending isn't spoiled in this review.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 24 days ago
by David's channel

A discussion about engagement, pedagogy, raising quality AND acknowledging context.

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 Image (1974280) image uploaded on 24-03-14
Broadcast 26 days ago at Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Military Social Media

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In this fifth edition Nicole and David discuss how to have a Social Media presence across multiple accounts for example on Twitter. and how some simple common sense procedures will keep you safe. Social Ops is a collaboration between http://wwwsocialmediamonster.com.au and http://www.militarysocialmedia.eu

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