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 Image (633787) image uploaded on 06-08-13
Broadcast 8 months ago at Humaitá - Amazonas, Brazil
by 5000 Mile Project

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Tags: adventure, running, 5000mileproject

Something a bit different!! Listen to Katharine read our latest blog on the The Brazil Nut tree (in a book-at-bedtime sort of a way!) - learn about the incredible story of the Brazil nut, a eco-snack you can enjoy with an easy conscience (and gives us loads of running energy!), and also some things about the rainforest you probably didn´t know . . . now then, close your eyes, relax, and drift over the humid, scented forests of the Amazon...

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Broadcast 9 months ago
by J.R.'s channel

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In this podcast I talk about how science has developed a pill that is currently being tested on mice a pill that will no longer need to exercise. I also talk about a delicious sub that I fell in love with once again. And the fun whether

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Good evening. This call is with regards to the Century Technology High School. The school the focus on science technology engineering and maths. The school focus on Grade 9 to 12. ___ here. Is best for those grade and go 9th of 12th. 3.3 coming in from a 3 year. Also with an explores ___ off 17 to 23. We thank you so much for choosing Century Technology High School. Its ___ text it to me hey.

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Broadcast 9 months ago at Park, CO, USA
by Cynthia's channel

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Tags: canterbury schools, coach girls, girls middle school

Hi my name is Cindy Giavasis. I teach math and science at Canton City schools. I coach girls middle school cross country too. I have three children who live in the west, one in Montana, one in Colorado, and one in Texas, where my granddaughter lives as well. Thank you.

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 Image (564336) image uploaded on 09-07-13

On this episode, author and scientist Donald Prothero talks about his latest book Reality Check. He argues that science deniers pose a serious threat to society, as their attempts to subvert the truth have resulted in widespread scientific ignorance, increased risk of global catastrophes, and deaths due to the spread of diseases that could have been prevented.

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Intervals - phlog (17697) image uploaded on 07-Apr-10
Broadcast 9 months ago at Oxford, MA, USA
by Intervals

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I'm not Facebooking much these days, but I did pop on for a few minutes today and had a great exchange of ideas on the topic of science with Malcolm and Lewis.

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I believe in children I believe in their curiosity their resourcefulness their tenaciousness(?) and their non stop energy. I believe they hear more than we realise see things we miss form opinions without us and feel the emotions and judgments we try to hide because I believe in children I believe in teaching I have believe in hands on bell to bell reading and writing Math and Science History Civics(?) and Geography teaching until you drop and wishing for just 30 more instructional minutes because I believe in children I believe in learning I believe every child that walks into my room can learn and will learn I believe that neither ___

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 10 months ago at Carbon, WY, USA
by Laura's channel

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Tags: Trimarco

Welcome to our Earth Rock Project Based Learning Unit. This forecast provides an overview of our first major science unit the Rock Cycle. On September ninth we take off our unit with an in school field trip in which we take the minerals and gems. It's June we'll bring home this chance along with the mineral identification kit. This activity cost eight dollars per student. It is highly engaging and worth every penny. This is a top secret field trip so please don't tell your students about this activity before we get started. Your student will be using two collaboration and communication tools during this unit a project wiki and red model account. Each of these includes pre selected resources to support your students inquiry as well as platform for sharing and discussing learning. Please check in to your students wiki and at Moto account to see how their learning is progressing. On September twenty fifth we're going to take a field trip to ___

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 Image (27963) image uploaded on 18-04-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at North Lanarkshire, UK
by Mike's phlog

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Tags: traffic jam, mike nelson, long time

Hey how are you doing. Mike Nelson here. Long time no speak. For ___ just for a change. It's traffic jam. The ___ of the traffic jam. Why oh why do they happen. Yeah ___ accident some strange ___ run across the road and then hit. These kind of things can cause the traffic jam but I'm looking for the explanation and the reasoning behind a traffic jam that has no course. You run to a stretch road. You get through that stretch road and ___ all the way. Stop stop stop stop. You get to the end of it and you can see no feasible possible reason for having doing that traffic jam in the first. I haven't seen it and it's ___.

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