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Broadcast 5 months ago
by Deniescha's channel

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Pages 14-17 of Topics Magazine...Lesson 4

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This is a poem by Author, Poet and mother of four boys, Nicholl McGuire. Sometimes one needs to be reminded of the systematic brainwashing by our media, government and even those closest to you. Break free! Think about the company you keep, how you spend your free time, and what you are allowing to permeate your ears and eyes.

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Broadcast 11 months ago at Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA
by Lizabeth's channel

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Tags: park slope, perfect sunday, dumbo

Ok so how long did you live in Victoria. Ten years. How do you end up here. I moved here from the Midwest I was studying designs and so I was looking for a place to live in Victoria with chief(?) really when. Ok and how long ___ been open. Six years. What did you do for the four years. Two years I was going to design school I was near Holden here design on my free time and then I works for a number of designers in the city. And how did you decide to open a store in Victoria. I was sort of frustrated that there wasn't what I called like a perfect Sunday meaning you couldn't like go to Bradge(?) do something creative and then window shop or actually shop and I felt that there was a huge lack in Victoria I've been hanging out a lot in the park slope and dumbo and

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Chris's phlog

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Tags: permission slip, free time, mom

Hello. Hey. Who's this? It's Chris. Oh Chris. How are you? Yeah. I'm good. How are you? Ok. How you doing? I'm doing good. Do you have some free time now. What you have? You have some free time I was. Did mom send you a permission slip thing right? No I don't know what you talking now. I think she's asked you something a few weeks ago. No she and me no

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Broadcast about a year ago at Rimac, Peru
by Allison's channel

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Tags: parents and grandparents, music watch, lima peru

Hello my name is Allison Mora(?). I was born in the summer. I'm fifteen years old. I am from Lima Peru. I live with my parents and grandparents in a big house. I am only child . I have two pet a dog his name is Lucas and a cat his name is Minino(?). I love Italian and Chinese food are very delicious. I study at the senior de San Jose school. I'm in fourth grade of secondary. My favorite subjects are Math and Art because they're very easy. In my free time I use a computer or listen to music watch anime and read books. I like practice karate. It's very ___

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Before I went back to teaching online full time I was always ask what you do with all of your free time and you're stay at home mom. You know the tone of voice saying that there's something contribute to society know much more meaningful way and I would ever be capable. I am sure they were not really trying to do me for my choice to relax at home eating, bonbon all day. I mean come on I don't even know the bond bond as I do however know all of our children from their teachers and I have a few special skills up my sleeve I can write a six grade it does say on watching too much TV. I handle a great quite ready question. I'm making me here made out of sugar cubes and I can both safety goggles and conduct the science experiment with Adeline and lemon juice without seeing their counter top. We're at the funny thing is that all of the paint job that had the only one that Truly need I need talk to my hard making laugh and cry never filled me in the lowest paying.

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 Image (53936) image uploaded on 23-07-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Callao, Peru
by Stefany's channel

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Tags: tennis volleyball, korean tv, playing tennis

Hi my name is Stephanie Yoreta(?). I'm 16 years old. My birthday is in November 20. I study ___ to school is located in Berenya(?). I am in 6 grade of secondary. Also I ___. And I live with my parents. Well I have ___ I put this name to my dog(?) because 4 years ago I saw a Korean TV program. So I like ___. In my free time I like to listen to music go out with my friends and also I enjoy playing tennis volleyball and swimming. Every Saturday I

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 Image (174472) image uploaded on 08-07-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Puerto Inca, Peru
by jandira's channel

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Tags: sister my brother, pod cast, 33 years

well, in this podcast you will know a litttle more about my life and you will know what i like to do in my free time and all about jandira :)

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Hello Enry(?), this is May Hughes. I'm just calling to say hey what's up? Hope you had a good weekend and hope you're doing better. So I have some free time this weekend. So I watched this really cool video called you know guided reading and you should check it out it's really good and I really like how the teacher built meaning and beginning with the story by allowing the students to make personal connections their own experiences and she asked them questions but you should kinda help guide their answers so that they could make those personal connections and I thought that was cool and she asked in about their feelings and their personal memories and you know they are confident enough and so they kinda lead them good introduction to how the characters might be feeling also like that she loves students to make predictions before they read the book and.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Laia's channel

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Tags: free time, best friend

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I love the free time. I love meeting with my best friend and I don't have classes of the university.

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